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Design patterns presentation (part 1)

Hello Friends,

Couple of months back i had to give my understanding concepts on few design patterns to my team at my ex-employer’s place.

To give you a fair idea and bit background story, my team size was 10 and were filled by good experienced people having approx. 6+ years along with them also an architect and a team lead and i was just about 3+ exp. guy. Its not easy to give a presentation to the wise ones you see.

My biggest worry was that, although you can find alot of resources and books on design patterns you just can copy from them and blabber some thing about it, but couldn’t because audience was smarter than me.

But hey, i was lucky enough to choose how many patterns i should be talking about with in a time frame of around 30 mins.

So i took 4 good ones which is not soo hi-fi and not so easy to talk about. But as i hoped for it wasn’t easy to understand them in online resources, at-least for me. I had to sit straight for 2-3 late evenings in skimming through at-least 10 resources (if i remember correctly) from websites to blogs and to books. Basically i wanted to prove my technical ability and follow KISS principle by giving simple understandable presentation rather than reading a copied slide or mugged up resource content which any way would fail because any wise guy will bust you for that 😉

So doing an exhaustive reading and understanding in detail about each pattern i am suppose to prepare not only a slide presentation but also had to write equivalent sample code.

So in this post i wont upload any code because its not that important nor that great (leave a comment if you want, and i shall upload), hence only uploading the slides here:

Now i must say, my presentation was well received/accepted and even they thanked in keeping it simple and crisp.

Finally hard work payed off 🙂

Thought sharing this presentation would help some 1 who might be having problem like i faced earlier. Hence this post.

Thanks 🙂


  • oodesign.com
  • sourcemaking.com
  • codeproject
  • gof book
  • Head first design patterns
  • Few other ppt downloaded off net, don’t rem their links.

Update:Based on the request, i am adding in detail posts on this design patterns explained in PPT, please look for next post in this series here: https://adventurouszen.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/structural-design-pattern-part-2/


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