Developer experience is not Only from tools

Hi Reader,

I was just reading an article from Bill here i must say i was pretty impressed the way he has explained there. Although i wont do a mistake of repeating what all he said, but i must give away my thoughts from it here i guess. Atleast this post would be helpful to some upcoming crazy nerd like me who would be thinking stupid like me. Read on mate πŸ˜‰

Yes for long time, i myself have claimed that i am experienced in C# only and i don’t know other languages nor i would be interested to work with. Trust me i even had said these lines to ex-bosses, no wonder they would give away lecture to me for a while that i shouldn’t be thinking in that way. Yep i was stupid enough to counter argue for that. Trust me mate, i even had to sit on bench AKA pool for a while due to this.

Seriously our IT enterprise folks are doing a wrong thing here. They even always look for people who have understanding on knowledge and experience doing in it rather than candidates understanding on programming technique and problem solving skills.

I have observed most interviewer’s just test only language specific ability on a candidate andΒ  forget or ignore his/her technique and problem solving skills. I must say that the way these employers think should really change. Only when the employers talk differently, then the candidates think differently. We want better programmers today in IT field and not some one who only knows one tool and useless with others, yes including myself to be a better programmer πŸ™‚

To add some thing to above point, still today while taking interviews or taking some sessions for my team members, i always try to give away an real world example/problem where this concept would be helpful and i ask questions on “why this is required” or “how else could you think this could have been done” or “what would you do if you wanted to solve this problem”, etc. That way i believe not only the learner/candidate shall know about the topic but also tweaks their brains to get more hungry in trying to find answers. Basically i look for a person who has a brain which always goes for “how?, why?, where?,etc.” questions on any thing they learn. Infact i myself do this all the time on what ever i learn. I guess on this atleast i can be proud enough to say that it payed off for me in some ways. But hey my thirst has not ended nor i am satisfied.

If you look at this point in a different angle, you’ll see that we are aiming at growing horizontally and not vertically. Yes even i had the same thinking for while. But if applied the same concept to nature, every thing in nature is towards growing horizontally less towards vertically, thus giving a strong growth. Of course that doesn’t mean that vertical growth to be zeroed, rather to be less than or equal to horizontal growth.

So i for sure convinced today that horizontal growth is essential to a good developer than vertical growth. Its little late for me to get this point, but hey its better to be late than never right!

Leave your expertise comments for me towards my horizontal growth. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

Thanks πŸ™‚


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