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Aliasing some thing via Using in Csharp Internals TIP (Beginner)

Dear Reader,

As again with my interviews questions i have been asking to few people here, where in they would not answer the tricky questions like this posts title. Again do not get surprised by the title words i.e some thing.

You can not alias every thing in C#, only types such as Class, Struct, Enums, etc. can be done. Due to my craziness/curiousness (as you may refer too) i tried various combinations of doing aliasing. So on that, you can not alias methods nor you can not alias and alias (yep it does not make sense) πŸ™‚

So in this post i just started digging inside and saw whats actually the compiler is doing in handling an alias name, at first (in my fresher days) i thought CLR may be at run time deciphering the alias name that means the compiler is just carry forwarding the alias directly into IL.

So as per the below code:

using SomeClass = ConsoleApp.Apps.Samples.Others.SomeThings.MyClass;
namespace ConsoleApp.Apps.Samples.Others.SomeThings
    class MyClass
        public struct MyStrcut


Where the compiler just transforms SomeClass alias name to actual Namespace/class or in other words the compiler transforms LHR value with the RHS value inside IL as shown below image:

So that means, the alias name will not be carry forwarded into the IL or in other words CLR will not have any idea about it. Its all compiler game going on.

Happy Coding πŸ™‚


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