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Try not to implement Property with only set accessor TIP

Dear Reader,

Again as with my code reviews one of the thing i noticed in many classes is that they all have properties with only set accessors but either no get accessor at all or with a private get accessor.

Although if you think for a sec, it sounds good to have many times a writable property but not readable. Infact even i had the same notion many a times while writing code so far. But one thing i realized or learned today that such a feature is really not needed or its kinda of not worthy to have in your code. The reason is simple that consumer code using your property can set a value for your private variable, so when he can set a value that means he already knows the value so why to make your property a read only?

As of now you may think that “OK? but what if i change this private variables value once the consumer code set a value to it”. Let me show you that in a code:

    class CustomClass
        private string _someValue;

        public string MyProperty
                _someValue = value;

        public void SomeMethod()
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(_someValue))
                //Do some operations
               _someValue = string.Concat(_someValue, " some other values");

    class TestClass
        public void TestMethod()
            CustomClass cs = new CustomClass();
            cs.MyProperty = "My values";


If you are planning to do this, then you are having a flawed design actually. When your receiving a value from consumer into your class, then you should not change it or use it to store it, rather use other member to store the data. This way, a guy who is having rights to set a data will also have rights to get (read) a data. That way you shall have a more good design implemented. Because if you do not do this, later on if consumer calls a method which may return this set value along with other data (say as a List<TVal>) then your giving the consumer code wrong information.

Along with this, i do not see any better security added to your data in your class at all right? Think for a moment. The only reason you implement properties to have a better security is mostly for not giving writable access. But here in this case, you already gave away the most critical part of the security and now your trying do a small work in making it secure which is not really useful.

Hope it helps, your comments are welcome.

Happy coding, thanks 🙂


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