Wishing you a Happy new year 2012

Dear Reader,

I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a happy, prosperous, healthy, wealthy, successful new year.

I would like to sincerely thank you for supporting, encouraging my blog posts so far. I do hope you do support it in the future. Perhaps you refer it to others as well.

Having said that, the above picture really tells a good meaning about making things history/memories. So this year (2011) has been good for me so far.

Couple of things that went good/happened/i did this year and i am happy to remember about:

  • Found a new better job, which pays OK.
  • Wrote my first own 2 article for codeproject
  • Started my own blog
  • Cross blog 60 Posts among which 50+ are technical ones.
  • Made good name and progress at work place
  • Helped few newbies at work in improving their confidence on the programming side.
  • Won an award at work place
  • God Nominated as Best debutant award
  • Started learning guitar
  • Started learning Ruby and wrote few articles for same
  • One of my ruby article got published in a brazilian website
  • Gained 120+ subscribers for my blog
  • Crossed 1K points at Stackoverflow and 2K points at Codeproject
  • Made a lot of elite contacts (MVP’s, geeks) and other non-geeks at twitter
  • Did Himalayan Trekking, which is an unforgettable event of my life
  • Did couple of other trekkings as well viz Coorg, Amedikallu
  • Kept/maintained good health and fitness.
  • Reunion of old-time school pals.
  • Donated amount to World Wildlife Foundation India

Things that did not go well/i failed to do:

  • No MVP status achieved
  • No innovative ideas provided
  • No On site opportunities 😦
  • No WOW factor articles written
  • Discontinued WCF learning.
  • Not gained intermediate level in Ruby
  • Not got started with ROR
  • Not learned HTML5
  • Did not got over much on my laziness.

New year resolutions:

  • Get MVP status
  • Do/Achieve more (At work or life)
  • Do more trekkings/visit more places
  • Aim for more awards
  • Help more fellow geeks or learn more from geeks via my blog/forums
  • Get more blog readers
  • Write alot more quality articles
  • Gain more knowledge in technical stuffs
  • Come up with alot more innovative ideas
  • Maintain/improve health and fitness
  • Be a much better person and gain more wonderful friends/contacts.

I promise to meet/improve on my new year resolutions. But if there is any suggestions you wish to see happening from my side, feel free to comment.

Thanks and Best Regards 🙂



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