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Every start has a sad end

My little cute baby sister

Dear All,

Today is a very sad day for me. I woke up to have a bad news being presented to me. The one of the worst day so far. One of our beloved dog sweety (Golden retriever) left us in grief. There are no words to describe her. We raised her since she was a kid. All her life she was so active, so smart, intelligent and very emotionally attached. She used to be one of the team member of our cricket game. She used to enjoy picking up the ball for us.

I still remember passer-by folks just stop and stair at her and get surprised when she used to play the ball. She used to love the ball so much. It’s a sad thing that she is no more for us to see her charms. It’s just the memories she has left in our hearts.

She was very attached to us. She would not let any of us go away even for a moment. Perhaps a true female nature? May be. But no matter how touchy and attached she was, she always made her presence appealing, cuddling and loving. Every of her moves used to bring us a giggle/smile on our face.

She always made her presence by making a different noise when she founds out that we are not giving her any importance at that moment. Every guest to our house noticed her charm, i still remember they used to get alot of information about her. Even many folks have asked if she could have babies. Her actions, her moves, her cute face, cute little act always impressed every one around.

Every kid in the neighborhood is her friend, every elder person in the neighborhood is her pal. She used to treat every one so kind and so loving. Every one has literally liked her. It’s a real shame that we have lost her. I may never find the same loving baby sister again. We can never feel her touch, her sounds, etc. Its all just a memory now.

Lately for past couple of days she was very sick, she could barely move, barely eat, barely sleep, barely breath. Doctor did not give us any hope, as she had crossed her natural average age limit of 12 years (breed dogs avg age is 10 max) but still we did all our best to save her. Since 2 days her health deteriorated more than before. She dropped to her ground in instance, she could barely sleep, and breath. Every breath of her was audible to us. It was in struggle. We all prayed god for giving her a peaceful death. But sadly god gave her a painful death. A death with alot of breathing problems, vomiting, and sickness he finally took her today (12 Jan 2012) early morning around 3-4 AM.

This is the second loss for us since our other senior female dog Rani passed 3 years back. We still many times remember her in many situations. She was a unique kid in her own ways. She too was emotionally attached with us. She spent her 19 years wonderfully with us. God did give her a peaceful death. Till the last moment she did not have any major health issues nor sickness. Only a small injury on the leg made her not so active, as she could not handle that pain at that old age. Still she remain in our memories and heart.


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