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Germany Trip – Finally my long dream come true

Dear Amigo,

It was a sudden surprise to hear from my lead at office in a meeting that i along with 6 other folks would be traveling overseas. At that moment i did not feel any thing, i really do not know why. May be my mind was clogged over a bug fix. After the meeting was over and all, i did receive a mail from my lead and at that moment i literally stood up to show my happiness. I was really surprised to see the official mail. It’s that instant i started to dig and dream a lot about germany. I really started to plan the itinerary since that day.

So my long term dream to travel overseas has finally come true. Guess 2012 is a lucky year. Though i did not travel for a long term, but at least i am satisfied that i traveled. With lot of satisfaction and happiness i am writing this blog post. It is in fact bringing a lot of good memories from this travel actually. Though i wish to travel alot more times and for a long term but the start for me was quite good. This time i went to germany for 2 weeks span. It was for a training purpose for my project. The two weeks time i spend there was heaven in all kinds of ways. The city which i was in was called Nuremberg. It is a very small but beautiful city. The population is just about 500000 approx.

So we chose lufthansa direct flight to frankfurt (ya stupid company travel policy) and then to Nuremberg. Our flight was at 3 AM from Bangalore to Frankfurt. It was a 8 hour looooooong journey which i never experienced back. Since it was night, and i had booked for a window seat i was lucky enough to get it finally at boarding time. I could not see any thing outside though and the whole flight altitude was around 35K feet. So literally nothing was much visible to naked eye nor clearly to my camera. I slept like a log after having a good peg of whisky :D. It would be lame if i did not mention any thing about stewardess. 2 indian stewardess in Lufthansa was amazing. But i was surprised and disappointing to see that german stewardess was not that good. So a bit of turn off there itself about german chicks πŸ˜‰

After waking up around 7 AM morning, i was on top of Europe region. Some where around turkish land i guess. I started to see outside the window and started to take couple of snaps.

I was quite impressed by enormous size of this Boeing 747 engine. I started to stare at it for a while though, i never looked at this marvelous piece of engineering so close πŸ˜‰

We finally landed in the Frankfurt. Man o man, this airport is damn huge. It runs for miles across. It has 2 run ways and every minute there is a flight landing/takeoff. It’s really nice to spend time here and look at this game. But i must say here, that frankfurt was really cold. Though we were prepared for the cold, but we did not expect it would be this bad. At this time the weather was around -8 C. The sun was quite bright but not that intensive heat. So though one stands in the sun for moment of two, does not feel heat at all because immediately the cold just nullifies the heat.

It was around 1 PM in noon we reached frankfurt. Our next connecting flight was in about an hour or so. So we could not go out in frankfurt and roam around. Ya it was a pity :).

We next caught up our nuremberg flight by 2:30 PM, since its a domestic flight it was very small and cozy one but well maintained though. Again the stewardess was not that great. But hey there were alot of hot amazing babes in frankfurt airport though. So my faith and enthusiasm was uplifted. I now really felt Germany is awesome. Infact europe is amazing πŸ˜€

It was just 30 mins flight to nuremberg. So the ride on this flight was really less. But the outside view of the place was really awesome. Every where my eyesight range could fall, it was covered in snow. It looked very pleasant and nice. I was a bit thrilled to go out and play in the snow actually πŸ˜€

Finally we landed in nuremberg airport at around 3 PM. It was damn cold though. The temperature was around -10C approx. The airport was not as big as BIAL, but it was really good and maintained very well.

We moved out and catch a taxi for our hotel. Before catching on, just a quick snappy πŸ˜‰

The journey to our hotel from airport was not long as like in Blore. It was like 30 mins max though it is quite far from the city center. We stayed in a 4 star hotel, which was really good but a bit of hicups here and there about heaters. But over all it was really satisfactory.

The room i got was really amazing, it was on 4th floor with a balcony at front and at back. I really enjoyed staying in this room though sadly alone πŸ˜›

The room was really well furnished and designed, though not great, but i liked it. But too sad that i could not spend time in balcony muchbecause of damn cold.

On that day, it was almost evening by the time we got fully acquainted in our rooms, plus it was a long flight on top of all there was a 4.5 hrs time shift. So we were stressed out. That night we just unpacked and went to a near by super market to see whats available and roamed near to the hotel itself. One thing worthy mention here is that 2 receptionist in this hotel was WOW. They were awesome and very nicely interacting with us. So totally hotel stay was fun in all the ways i could even imagine. πŸ˜€

Next day we gotta get up early around 7 and go for office. It was the first time for 7 of us to visit our main development office at this city and meet all our counter parts/german colleagues. For me, every day metro ride was a heaven ride. It was fully filled with amazing girls. Any direction i look, there stood amazing beautiful girl. Its like there was no end for the beauty. One girl is much beautiful than the other. So for me, those 10 mins of the metro ride was amazing for the whole trip.

Our office was a very old WW2 building which was reconstructed ground up again after the war was over. I hear alot from the locals that in WW2, nuremberg city was heavily bombed and it was one of the headquarters of Nazis. So our office was renovated as it was that day.

Just like the olden days, the walls of this building is really thick and very nicely constructed. This place is huge and houses alot of folks.

The next day i woke up very early before going 2 office. i just went for a stroll in the dark outside. It was damn cold probably around -15C, but it was worth a walk at that time. I could get the feeling of the city πŸ™‚

Weekend was fast approaching, so we all decided to visit munich as it is a good historical place and worth visiting. So it was the time we caught up the DB train and to my surprise the train though it was a second class compartment, but was really welt kept and designed and maintained. It was really like a high class compartment in india πŸ˜‰

The train had a first floor which was a first class ticket holders. So we bought second class one, but there was no barrier one could not go to first class and seat. None would ask, not even conductor. But as i observed, no body would enter that area if they dont hold that ticket. So i just went upstairs to see how it was, it was not that different that second class, but very nice.

The whole journey was really amazing, we encountered the country side and it was fully covered with snow. The villages look soo beautiful but deserted. Due to cold i guess, but i always thought where da hell peeps where?

It was just 2 hours journey in this train. We enjoyed the ride looking at the wild nature.

Finally after approx 2.5 hours, we reached munich. We all though the weather would be as nuremberg which we can bear with our 3 layered outfits. As soon as we got out of the station, a sudden cold hit us directly which our outfits even could not resists. All along the day we kept shivering. The temperature which was displayed was around -23 C approx.

We thought our day is ruined and we could bear no more. We immediately decided to look for a day tour travels near by. Thankfully we caught it near by and booked tickets. And the tour buses was equipped with heaters. So we finally relaxed a bit in that bus. It started in a few minutes for the city tour. All along the ride, our guide explained about the monuments and stuffs.

Really the city was awesome and very historic in its beauty. There was alot of old buildings which still stands firm and beautiful.

One the way i was glad to find our gommateshwara in germany, but alas a german version though πŸ˜‰ After seeing this man, all i was reminded was our native indian sculpture of bahubali πŸ˜‰

I was giggling myself about this weird thought of mine. Then we moved on to see other parts of this beautiful city. Most of this city is habituated by the damn rich folks either celebrities or politicians or sports folks.

Further our bus took an outside munich where a huge castle resides, which was not only very beautiful to look at bug was very big, either side of this castle present 2 big open areas.

This castle was surrounded by huge parks, which was fully covered in snow. The wind here was blowing very wild and it was much colder than in the city. We almost control of every thing in our body. Every thing froze, we started shiver like we never did. It is when we decided to not get down of the bus till we reach train station back.

Finally we came back to the train station around 3 PM, by this time we were fully exhausted and set back fully by the terrible cold outside. We just wanted to go and rest in a hot room. So we came back to the train station and our train would start back around 30 mins. In the mean time we hogged some thing and time for a few snaps and time for some bird watching πŸ˜‰

We boarded the train and it left munich around 4 PM. We just sat and relaxed. By now we were fully exhausted and felt very sleepy. All we needed was a comfy place to lie.

Our train took almost 4 hours reach back Nuremberg. So by 8 PM we were back to our hotel and time for some hogging and good night sleep.

The next dayΒ  we did not plan any thing, as usual i woke up around 6 AM and i just alone explored the city. I started somewhere around 7.30. The place was deserted almost though it was sunday.

I took my travel guide-book and started off. As per my travel guide, the whole city is just one big castle. So if i roam around this castle, i am pretty much seen this city. So i started from plarrer place then proceeded towards opposite side of the castle. As said, i was like a ghost walking all along the compounds of this great castle.

Β Β  By the time i covered the half of the castle slowly looking at each and every corner, the time was around 9 AM. Since it was very cold, so i walked very slowly as not to stress myself too much. This city was fully filled with alot of very old churches which was built by many kings in the past. They still remain very good and nice. I visited a couple of them, where in alot of folks had already gathered for the sunday prayers.

As usual, this church was really beautiful and the carvings on the stone wall was amazing. Stood there watching these folks praying their god. Walked out without making much noise.

Next i walked across this church towards central market. This place was really huge but empty. Since it was sunday, none of the shops do open except few cafes. So time for me to just enjoy this place of a while and then for couple of snaps.

Then i visited Church of our Lady, a very famous proud church of nuremberg as per the locals. It’s quite big and the outer design looks very beautiful.

I finished my journey of this city around 1 PM, by then i was very tired and frozen. So had to return to the hotel. Came back to hotel and had a very nice sleep all noon. Then in the evening, met all other guys in a room and time for the dinner cook and some jokes and drinks πŸ˜‰

Next day as usual, time for the regular job. So got ready around 7 and left for the work. The whole week just passed by in couple of trainings and time pass.

One after noon we just decided to go out for a restaurant and try out thai food. So we along with 2 germany colleagues went to nearby hotel and we really did enjoy the buffe which costs us 7.5 EU.

The thai food was really amazing. So we enjoyed the meal for about an hour and all went back to office a bit late πŸ˜‰

Thankfully one fine day it started to snow. We were over joyed to look at the tiny snow fall inside the campus. We soon hurried out to get few snaps.

The snow fall was about 5 cm, hence it is not really visible to the camera. But the fresh snow fell on the ground is what we were playing with in above pic.

The above image quality is not good, it’s a bit shaken as the guy who took pic never knew how to use a cam or take a pic. But all in all, it was a worthy show πŸ˜€ One thing i did notice was that, when it was snowing i did not feel much colder though i was not wearing any jackets or cold cloths on me in the above pic, but as soon as the snow stopped the cold pick up again badly.

It was just 2 days before we had to leave germany once for all. It was sad for me though. I did not wish to leave it so soon. But alas its the truth. Thankfully our german colleagues threw us a small dinner party with bowling along with it. It was fun going on a dinner with them and then playing bowling with them. We really enjoyed and fortunately this event helped much better in breaking the ice between us and get along well.

Infact i personally felt many colleagues getting along well in this event than in the office so far. So i enjoyed the max with them along with the beer. Of course i had german beer, which i felt much better than heineken. We finished our game around 10 pm and all of us return backed to the hotel.

Its friday, yes it was supposed to be fun and good day for all. But for me it was a sad day. It was the last day of our trip. I all day felt i am going to miss nuremberg and germany and germans very much. They really were friendly although many look rigid and reserve faced.

So i requested all colleagues for a group snap before we finish off our day with them.

The final next day has come, as usual we got ready by 6 AM to leave for the airport since our flight was at 8 AM. So we left our hotel around 6 AM and reached the airport in just 20 mins. Then we checked in our luggages. The airport was hardly crowded so time for our snap sessions.

We went to the waiting lobby area after passing through the security check in. There we went to the liquor store to purchase some bottles. I found a couple of kool bottles though πŸ˜‰

Then finally we boarded our frankfurt flight, at last i look around for the nuremberg, with much sadness with in i waved good-bye to this place and wishes myself that i could come back again.

We reached frankfurt by 10:15 AM. Our flight for bangalore was at 12:30 PM. So we again missed out roaming in frankfurt. So we just waiting inside the airport. Finally the time had come for us to board the bangalore flight at 12 PM. I again felt sad inside and waved good-bye to frankfurt as well. So again it was 8.5 hrs journey back home. So i slept nicely and woke up around evening to take couple of snaps and then dinner.

The white ground looked amazing from the window. I just kept dreaming that i would visit this place often and often πŸ™‚

With that, i spend the next couple of hours looking at the window and then to TV and songs and then slight sleep. Finally around 1.30 AM IST we reached BIAL. The temperature was around 21C so i felt a bit relaxed. Reached home around 4 AM. Slept nicely the whole sunday. Damn the jet lag did not leave me for the next 203 days. After which i was ok and back to normal routine πŸ™‚

They together cost me around 8 K INR which i think is worth than buying it here itself. Still i have not tasted it, hoping for soon πŸ˜€

Thats all my friend, my amazing journey though very short one ended sad but the whole time it gave me immense pleasure and happiness. It’s really nice and enjoyable to spend some time there. It gave me a whole new experience and whole never level of confidence with in me. All in all, it was totally worth it.

Hope i do get more chances in the future and travel in good summer time to enjoy much more πŸ™‚ Next time for sure i am gonna plan to visit all over the europe. I am fully convinced that europe is one heaven place to visit.


Thanks for reading and your comments are much appreciated πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Germany Trip – Finally my long dream come true

    1. Actually there were alot of beauties in the metro. Every corner your eyes can glaze upon, there is a beauty there. So its hard for me to take them.

      BTW, you should have taken snap of the beautiful lady in train or in reception…
      hmm… i simply did not upload them πŸ˜‰

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