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Weekend Roadtrip to mantralaya

Dear Amigo,

After a week passed by after my Germany trip, my best buddies invited me for a fun road trip to mantralayam. So i just went with em, cause for sure i know it would be fun with the old buddies 😉

For sure it was fun, we left bangalore around 9 PM friday and it was nice night journey. We sure had a nice fun journey all along the night though. It was not tiring and the car was really kool and comfy.

One nice thing happened was that a swamiji had accompanied us. He was very friendly and very fun to get along with. People call him Love guru, i wonder why. But we had a good time chatting with him on all topics 😉

I know this swamiji for like an year or so. He is really a kool guy with wide range very good experience in stuffs. He preaches and teaches us in a variety topics.

All through the night we were discussing with him and making fun and all. We reached the holy place by around 4 AM. Then we searched for a nice hotel rooms to just get some sleep and get ready to visit the temple.

Its around 7ish where we all got ready, by then our casual swamiji showed his real outfit which stunned me for a bit. Perhaps next big Sri Sri? Dunno 😛

From various sources i heard that folks call him Love guru ;).

So with this guruji, we went to the near by river to see, but alas to my surprise and as usual accross the holy rivers in india, this one too was polluted with various things. I could not stand by for awhile, so just got back to the temple to see the lord.

Since that day it was ekadashi, so the crowd was very less and the temple was almost free. So we just went inside saw the lord and came out quickly. This temple was build very long ago, so the architecture looks good.

We spend some time in the temple, and it was time for us to leave the place for breakfast. We went to a near by hotel to hog some thing fast. Then we decided to get back to room so that we can catch up with some sleep.

We came out and its time for couple of snaps in front of the temple.

We got back to the hotel and caught up with some sleep for about 3 hours. By 12 PM, we left the place to visit other near by temple called Panchamuki hanuman. The road to this temple was pathetic and was about 20 KM 1 way. So some how we made it to this temple and the temp outside was around 33 C.

So in the blazing heat, we visited this temple, it was nicely build along with cave in the rock. So from one angle it was looking nice.

We left this place around 2 PM and decided to get back to bangalore as we did not had any choice to visit other place. So we took the high way road back to bangalore. The high way is really well maintained, i guess thanks to Vajpayee.

We reached bangalore by around 9 PM the same day.

Do visit my album for more pics from this trip

Thanks for reading amigo, Your comments are welcome 🙂


Disclaimer: Few things are said just for fun, so do not consider it serious. No offense meant to any body. All are my good friends 😛


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