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Convert 3 digit number to words (TIP)

Dear Reader, Today i was wandering through Codeproject as my daily routine and found one tip about Converting numbers to word. I actually got interest in it and began to read through and i was surprised how easy code the author has written. As well as i gone through the comments section. People have expressed… Continue reading Convert 3 digit number to words (TIP)


Nice week with a bad end

Hello My Friend, It was a nice weekend, not too much stress not too much lazying either. I must say it was really thrilled weekend. Did alot of things at work and at home. I did learned alot at work. Not only i am a developer at work, i am also part-time responsible SDE (Software… Continue reading Nice week with a bad end

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Effective Extension methods with Enums

Dear Reader, Today i learn something interesting and quite effective with the C# feature extension methods along with enums. There are at times we need to do some extensible operations on enums. Unlike structs/classes, enums do not provide us any space in itself to add Methods for doing some operations on it or its data… Continue reading Effective Extension methods with Enums

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Know your IP packets path to destination

Dear Reader, Today i learned some thing kool which unfortunately i did not know. How bad? Yea after all these years of my geek life, i never cared to know about this much. So today i managed to get much information and began searching about it. So thankfully there is a linux command which deals… Continue reading Know your IP packets path to destination


Cleaning broken symlinks in Linux

Dear Reader, Its been very long since i looked around in my hard drive for broken files/links to files. Trust me, i almost clean up by hard drive (defragment) partitions on Linux unlike windows. But any ways this post is not for ranting windows. So its been more than 2 year since i looked actually… Continue reading Cleaning broken symlinks in Linux

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Delegates similarity in Ruby and csharp

Dear Reader, It’s quite amazing to me today that when i was reading Delegates concept in Ruby. The Syntax, and working(execution style) is almost similar i can say. I guess this is one of those situations you might say for yourself AHA! I am very well versed and used many times delegates in C# and… Continue reading Delegates similarity in Ruby and csharp