Cleaning broken symlinks in Linux

Dear Reader,

Its been very long since i looked around in my hard drive for broken files/links to files. Trust me, i almost clean up by hard drive (defragment) partitions on Linux unlike windows. But any ways this post is not for ranting windows. So its been more than 2 year since i looked actually into all my drives (especially root drive) for broken links for files which reside.

So today i started to see some slow down in the machine, i still do not know if it was for 2 many broken symlink file residing in my / partition or some thing else. As usual my favorite job popped up: launching terminal 😀

Yes most of the time i deal with terminals. Its almost impossible to remember all the commands in Linux with my style of interaction/tweaking done to my zenwalk install. But still i love using it and i love fiddling with it. Its fun you know once you love what you do with it.

I searched for a couple of minutes, basically looking for matching commands patterns via Tab key search pattern in terminal for clean, free, etc. words which weirdly popped up in my mind. Finally i stuck on cleanlinks command.

Immediately i did one of my other favorite thing: launching man pages. Yes its fun to read them. So man cleanlinks gave me all the information i needed. Just launched it and it listed like 1000 lines of broken files in my root drive. It almost took around 2-3 mins to complete this cleaning job and reported me several files which were broken.

After this, i started measuring the system performance via htop command. I felt it did increase in negligible difference. But the whole point was that i learned myself some thing which i am happy to share it with you :). Below is the sample output if you are interested.

./.icedove is a dangling symlink, removing
./.mozilla/firefox/096nlt1k.default/lock is a dangling symlink, removing
Removing empty directories ...

That’s all my friend,hope you liked it. Thanks and Happy using Linux 🙂


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