Nice week with a bad end

Hello My Friend,

It was a nice weekend, not too much stress not too much lazying either. I must say it was really thrilled weekend. Did alot of things at work and at home. I did learned alot at work.

Not only i am a developer at work, i am also part-time responsible SDE (Software development environment) guy who helps my team guys to do their code check in, merging, any conflict resolving, etc.

Though we are in a phase of just bug fixing for the soon to be released product, i almost spent more time doing SDE work. Yes its seems that i might be moving away from development? Well yea even it crossed my minds many times. So i keep thinking every now and then so that i do not get deeply involved. I must say it was pretty exciting for me to do this because not only its different it kinda fun to do as well.

But i must say my friend, though it looks easy and fun from outside, but doing it is alot more tense. Especially when your checking in code for the main branch where the whole lot of peeps are using it rather than just your small team. One mistake, you gonna screw up their time, effort and every body from top hats till testers will be waiting for SDE(s) to resolve the issue and get it done.

Are you getting some kinda feel that all what i said above looks like a system admin job? well it’s not really that. Its more of like half developer and half build machine configuration job. Because you need to have both knowledge firmly then you can be the best of both worlds. I feel good to do that but not full-time. Even in the recent meeting i accepted a task for analyzing some tools for improving nightly build performance and stability.

First thing i hate is all our build machines as of now runs on WinXp (yep stupid old 1s) and thankfully soon to be ported to Win 2008 server. But i would be more happy to see if they move it to Linux. That would be awesome. But on linux you can not use MSBuild to build the source code though mono is of not much use and folks at my company do not like open source some how :(.

Till yesterday every thing was going fine, i came home had my regular exercise then reading started…. I even made good plans for the weekend. Especially i wanted to do some study on those build tools, buying guitar tuner, learning C# 4, Reading other books later on. I really wanted this weekend to be pretty much scheduled and worked out well just like the week.

Sadly somewhere in the night, this bad cold caught me up. I think my colleague gave it to be from previous day. I do not know. He was having bad cold and caught, every time he used to speak to me for any work, he used to blow up air over me. I am sure that might have caused some problem for me too. Damn these peeps do not learn manners when they know they are sick 😦

Finally, all my plans, made schedule are ruined for today (Saturday). I could not do any thing, no mood, no interest. Just pain in the nose, lots of sneezing, headache and tired from all of these. I do hope to recover by tomorrow. I wish i could complete my plans. Lots of plans getting piled up here. Man day is very short and i need to work hard. Phew i must say this hot weather is making part of me slow and lazy.

Summing up, my friends its awesome to do couple of things in a day rather than just doing the same old hammering all the time. I do not know about you, but i just love doing these part time jobs πŸ˜€


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