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Get AppDomains in a process

Dear Reader, Today i got a bit curious about AppDomains concept so i began to go indepth to learn about it. As we know AppDomains do play a vital role in the application developement. These .net feature do comes in handy in various situations. One such situation i would like to share with you from… Continue reading Get AppDomains in a process

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Careful with locking objects

Dear Reader, Today i was just going through some product code at work. There was this code which used multithreading concepts to do some work. At first it just went through the code without worrying much about its pitfalls. I didn’t even think there was one (how stupid of me?). But at some point down further some things… Continue reading Careful with locking objects


One should worry for nature

Dear Friends, I often exchange ideas with the fellow friends/colleagues all the time about the way we live life today and how our elders lived before. Most of my ideas exchange though starts with a good mode, gradually gets into a heated discussions. I normally pick up the most current events against the nature viz. cutting… Continue reading One should worry for nature