One should worry for nature

Dear Friends,

I often exchange ideas with the fellow friends/colleagues all the time about the way we live life today and how our elders lived before. Most of my ideas exchange though starts with a good mode, gradually gets into a heated discussions. I normally pick up the most current events against the nature viz. cutting trees, deforestation, illegal mining, illegal trespassing into forest area, etc.

Lately i have this feeling after i discuss with the fellow people, is that lately none bothers whats the after effect is. All they worry is the instant current solution. Ok, cut the damn trees and lets extend the drive path. But what about the reduction of trees thus leading to more pollution? Well plant them else where is the instant answer i get.

This else where is a big problem today. Where do we plant them? Outside city? Well todays city’s are growing very rapid, just in a month or two these new growing plants will chopped off and a city will be extended. If we grow this way, where will our future nature will be? Just damn concrete all over?

Most of the people today have gone into self mode consciousness. No matter what shit happens, just make it a lucky for self and get lost and don’t care attitude. What happened to the days where every one bothers about every thing? Why is that today’s world has gone very worse than before.

Is it because of the rapid population growth? Too much money flow? Or the mother nature is too silent? It’s too worse to see the way things are moving ahead. Good to see the positive growth, but bad to see how adverse its effecting us and the beautiful place we live in.

Cant we spend atleast 30 mins a day just to dedicate ourself in any ways possible to safeguard the nature around us? Reduce pollution.
Reduce power consumption
Reduce Waste disposal
Reduce plastic usage
Keeping environment clean
No war
Conserve natural resources

I am sure the list can go along way, but who and when do we need to start is a big question which is present in every ones head. Most of the time i see this attitude in the people mindset is lets some one do it, why should i bother. Well if every one thinks this way, then there shall be no body to do it and its an endless blame game.

I clearly believe that reduction in the global population growth does have some better effect over the nature conservation. Not only that is important, a positive mindset is as well important too. Dont care policy will never work out well for any one.

In fact today most top industries are coming up with new ways of doing things and new ways to reduce the pollution thus saving nature viz google, IBM, etc. But it’s just not even 5%, what about the rest?

I really wish there would be a big change before a big disaster happens.

Thanks and Regards,
Zen 🙂


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