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Good_Results = Testing as Experimenting;

Dear Reader,

This is one of the learning activity i went through recently which i would like to share. Lately i am kinda doing testing as part of team effort so that task can be finished off soon and well with in the time line.
Any way, so this module which was tested earlier was given to me for 1 final round of testing before it can be certified as complete and tested by our internal tester. So at first i just though i shall do as simple as a testing person shall do with a testing mindset, hence i borrowed all the test cases already defined.

My testing continued for a while with all the test cases given. As soon as i was finished with all the test cases which were exhaustive, all of them got passed. I was happy that all passed and i did not find any bugs. I actually felt we gonna finish off the task way ahead of dead line. So i took a break for 5 mins and went for a coffee.

This break did really kicked me hard and kept me worrying that i must have missed or i did not do enough testing. Basically i was not contended about the results i got from my activity. Though, i finished off my activity way ahead of time, still i was bit unsatisfied about the outcome.

As i immersed myself into my coffee, it did strike me up with couple of questions which i started asking myself as “what would be the output if i did this?”, “what would be the output if i do that?”.

Basically i started adding a lot experimenting test cases in my head. I heard somebody calling it as monkey testing, but its not really it is, since it is done during unit testing and not as part of module testing.

Hence i got back from my coffee break, and spend another 2 hours doing my experiment with this module with almost 10 test cases, i came up with. Gladly at the end of an hour or so, all my experimenting test cases failed. Even some resulting in complete application crash. 🙂

I was completely satisfied about my work and i reported to my colleagues and to be frank, they even appreciated my experiment 😀

Happy Coding,
Zen 🙂


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