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Zenwalk 7.2 is a bliss

Dear Reader,

Today i am very happy to write about the upgrade i did on my laptop last night. As always, upgrading my boxes to the new version is an exciting thing to me. Not just because its super easy, it’s because the new things i am going to experience about it and the post tweaking stuffs i am supposed to do. It’s always brings excitation on the table. I must say, i am proud zenwalk user since past 4-5 years, and ever since it always kept me happy and made me proud user of it.

Anyways, zenwalk 7.2 released after almost 7 months or so. So i previously had 7.0 which had xfce 4.8 on it. XFCE 4.8 infact had very good interface and good application as well. It was fast, slick and snappy ;). But hey common, who doesn’t need a new version every now and then? But for me it was never a mandatory to look for an updates. I was very happy with the performance of XFCE, Zenwalk, Kernel 2.6 and its total performance.

So downloaded the new ISO file (700MB), this is one of those reason i love about zenwalk. That is, its philosophy: “One App per Task”. However, in the new 7.2 Live version this has been ruled out, hence live version is available only on DVD style. Anyhow, once downloaded, backed up all my tweaking settings and even had to brainstorm a bit to remember what ever else changes done. Once all done, off to installation.

Installation is pretty much the same old style (CLI) since zenwalk 6 or earlier, but amigo, do not make a weird face reading this line. Though you might think WTF about this, but still its very easy to install and very simple. I again applaud for this great job done by the zenwalk folks. One such screen shot is below:


The new version installation is done almost within 20 minutes or so (didn’t calculate accurately though). Once installation is done and remaining configuration is done, the system restarts within 21 secs approx till login screen on my i7, 4 GB laptop. That’s a pretty much surprise and happy news. I never estimated it with 7.0 earlier, but with 7.2 its definitely better, faster and i am happy about it.

The redesigned login screen was pretty much a surprising thing to me as soon as first reboot was done. And i am happy to share the screen with you. I am sure you shall love it 🙂

Once logged in, did couple of tweaking as per my needs. Next step was to wander around and see whats working and whats not in the new version. The first thing i noticed was the new revamped interface design of XFCE 4.10. The design, theme and icons, etc. are really awesome. I just wandered around it for a while. I must say great job folks.

Next impressive change is network app. Both wireless and wired interfaces were configured automatically and loaded by the network manager. Immediately i noticed that in 7.2, zenwalk team has chosen network manager applet for managing networks and i must say its way better than WICD used in the 7.0 and earlier. WICD did give me some pain in the ass moments when i was in 7.0.

Zenwalk 7.2 comes out with Firefox 15 and immediately i upgraded to 16 from the repos. So its pretty good to see a support for the latest version of my favorite browser. Next few things i wander around and noticed was my graphics chip recognized and working good compared to 7.0. So by default zenwalk 7.2 supports nouveau driver, but i still preferred official nvidia driver and hence installed it because it provides a configuration app for me to do some tweakings.

Next step was to see if sound is identified and voila, it’s there and working kool. So immediately i see if music app provided or upgraded is good? Yep there it was Gmusicbrowser, I must admit that i never used it before though i remember it being supported in the older versions, so i always preferred exaile so far. But this one seem to provide same kind of features and the whole UI is highly customizable, so its kool. My touchpad is now officially recognized by the kernel and appropriate driver is loaded as well as XFCE provides more mouse/touchpad options for it, hence again its kool :).

Last but not least, one problem i found is that my bluetooth isn’t working OOTB (Out of the box). I have reported to the zenwalk team and hopefully i shall get a solution soon, but it’s not a show stopper issue. So i am not left disappointed. 🙂

There is a lot to say, but at this moment i am still exploring. So far i could see a lot improvements in terms of applications, artwork, performance, memory, etc.. Almost all apps i came across so far is upgraded to the new versions and they have their own improvements in terms of usability and bugs fixes.

Hence all in all, i am very much impressed and again happy. All hail to teams of kernel, zenwalk, xfce and other apps. Kudos to all of them for their great hard work.

Thanks & Happy Linux-ing,
Zen 🙂


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