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Etios Liva G Test Drive Experience

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to share my first TD experience with you all.

Today morning i did a TD for almost an hour in various kinds of roads (Plain smooth to pit holed 1s). The TD car was well maintained. I called up Nandi Toyota, Kanakpura Road, yesterday and booked for a TD. The SA (Kaushik) was on time with a good looking white colored car. I should appreciate him for his prompt nature. I could not wait to take it for a spin.

Note: Below are my personal opinion and no where biased (no fanboyism), also i am no expert in driving. So few may be wrong.

The so called new diesel version G variant released recently by Toyota is no different than the old one. Its 95+% same to the previous ones. So have seen it on the roads and not that catchy impression but neither repellent looking as well. The TD car was well maintained (looked very new tho) so the exteriors was looking good and clean (ya white color). I immediately asked SA is there any changes done exterior. He said nope sir. Noting. Only interiors changed. I immediately noticed no alloy wheels. Bummer!! Probably a bit of turn off for me on that. But hey if i think hard i guess price for this car suffice no alloys, i guess.
The wheel size is 14inch. No idea if its a bummer or not. GC is just 170mm. Thats a big big problem guys. I just passed a regular speed breaker with 20 speed and it touched the ground. SA was like oh my. I felt a bit bad of testing GC this way. Immediately said sorry.

I took the car for a spin for atleast like 30 mins. As already said did drive in all kinds of roads today purposfully. Small narrow roads to bit wide highway (not NH’s). The steering felt good and responsive. Breaking seems to be good. Did drive fast and suddenly applied breaks and all such. SA was calm and he was supportive. Thanks to u dude. Suspension was smooth and not that hard. Looks like anti-roll bar was missing, i dont know. I sat at the back and still felt comfy suspension. Need to see in other cars as well. Could not feel the anti-roll bar support. Or perhaps i did not drive that way. Infact the data sheet doesn’t mention that. The gear shift looked bit hard.

Dashboard has been completely redesigned. It doesnt look WOW as others have, but OK. The speedometer display is shifted to center than in the drivers side. Looks like Toyota designers intended both the rider and driver needs to be aware of speed. For me it was a bit difficult to shift my focus from straight road to center position for keeping constant alert on the speed i am going in. Dashboard is now mix of beige and brown. Looks awkward and boring. Doors are full beige and even seats. The old thin sporty seats are gone. Seats now have been improved. Felt very comfy though. One good thing i liked is the the glove box did have an AC went inside which can be closed or opened. Very good to keep stuffs low temp. I liked the idea. The plastics felt good. Seats can be adjusted height wise, steering height adjustment is present. I like this too.

SA claims there is a 3 years or 1L kms engine warranty specially given by Toyota. I am not sure how far this is true. The on road price for top end was ~7.8L. No VGT/FGT present as per SA. Could not cross 50 so dont know if Turbo was present or not really. Door felt very light. Back side space is quite good and so is the leg room.

My verdict?
Cant say i wud choose this unless i try other 2 (Polo and Punto). However ATM all i can say is probably value for money but for old people. The young generation folks who are wild and adventurous i feel it doesnt add that heart touching feeling nor very impressive to be in it.

Hope have not missed out much. Please feel free to add comment.

Happy Driving,


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