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White Stallion – Beauty is not Enough!!

Loving heart, beauty never gets old…

With much analysis over months, with much understanding depths of a real stunner, here i am presenting my Italian beauty. She is sexy, she is curvy, she is hot, she rocks my world, she is cute, she flies.

Its Beauty is Power, My smile is its sword..

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Monica Bellucci AKA FIAT Grande Punto 90Hp, Pearl White.

Let the pics speak..

Wondering, Why FIAT?

  • Built with passion: “Passion is the genesis of genius.” Galileo.
  • Crafted by Century’s legendary Designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro
  • Powerful Beast: 90 horses with VGT: she disappears
  • Enthusiastic car
  • Good muscle
  • Its Italian: Mastering Art and Science
  • Built like a vault.
  • Baby got grip
  • She connects &  listens to me (Blue & Me) :p
  • I am no sheep in a heard (Maruti) nor a boat lover (Hyundai)
  • I feel like an Explorer in a Maserati.
  • Loads of amazing features.
  • Fun to drive
  • Got soul in it

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