My Car Buying learning’s

Dear All,

Below is the learning’s, which i wish to write about coz they helped me in making sure my booking, buying, delivery process went smooth and nothing oh shit moments. Hope it will help future buyers.

Of course the SA was really helpful to me here.

These are my personal learning’s based on my seeking information from fellow TFI folks, extensive reading of TFI threads, mistakes and observations. Feel free to pick it up if you agree so (Not in correct order).

  • Always carry pen and paper: Helpful in taking notes than later “Oh Shit forgot that” moments.
  • When booking, always ask for a clear cut brake-up of charges (detailly) and written on a paper by the SA. Keep and carry that with you till PDI day.
  • Make a note of all the agreements (prices, goodies, etc.) said by the SA.
  • Know your car and its features clearly and good.
  • Read the datasheet of the model which you have chosen. Remember all the things written in the datasheet. SA might throw you some bones here.
  • Keep mentioning about TFI to SA.
  • Say youll be writing review reports, etc. @TFI. Quite helpful.
  • See if you get a gap to meet the boss of SA, again mention about TFI to him as well.
  • Dont let SA’s fool you easily. Always gather more information about the car or FIAT or prices, etc. TFI is really good source for that.
  • Try to haggle as much as possible. Aim for goodies/freebies.
  • Aim/Demand for all OEM (FIAT) made freebies from dealer for free. (Thanks Neeraj for reminding me and helping me over calls)
  • Make sure you thank SA as and when required in-front his boss or his colleagues, but please mean it. Happy SA = Happy You.
  • If SA doesnt call often and gives you updates (self initiative) , that means he isnt interested much in your buying. After your booking, give it couple of days as he/she has agreed to give you updates. Later on if no news, then he/She just not into you. Find other ways to deal. (Neeraj faced this problem)
  • Dont be rude or demanding unless you know SA is lethargic.
  • On PDI day, carry all the papers, PDI checklist with you. Be kind in requesting/notifying your SA for his time for PDI. If SA asks for a time change, try to adjust. Always Win:Win works better.
  • Do extensive PDI on your car. If car seemed to have dirt here and there, make a kind request with SA to get it washed. Yard has all facilities. Mention well ahead to SA that youll be doing extensive PDI, so its bound to take more time.
  • Carry USB stick (songs) and an Audio CD with you.
  • See if your Phone Bluetooth works with Cars Blue and Me.
  • Do note down all stuffs (Not working) in the car.
  • If you are getting Parking sensors, then ask for OEM made (if you wish), Car cover again OEM.
  • If car data sheet mentions Remote for HU. Then ask for it. Note it down to get it when taking delivery.
  • On delivery day, carry a good gift for the SA. Need not to be expensive. Worth of 1K is good.
  • Carry Sweets to give it all there, on weekdays less people will be present compared to weekend. At KHT i saw atleast 20 peeps in weekend and hardly 10 on weekdays in my 4 time visits.
  • Re-do PDI checks roughly. Ask SA to explain all the features of the car.
  • Ask as many doubts as possible.
  • Ask SA to load all contacts of your phone to cars blue and me. Some mobiles wont support this, i was informed by my SA.
  • Check voice commands and try out all keys on ur dashboard, steering mounted keys for working nature as per PDI check list.
  • Go for a short TD and observe for rattles, alignments, etc.
  • Before documentation process, make sure SA gets all the accessories as agreed is on the table. If not, remind him.
  • Before signing any official documents, check for
    1) Original Car Documents
    2) Warranty cards of car, parking sensors
    3) Key code card
    4) Battery warranty card
    5) Extended warranty card
    6) Original Tax Receipt a MUST.
    7) Insurance papers
    8) Original Invoice
    9) Fuel Coupon (If any)
    10) Other documents if any.
  • Get all above documents sealed
  • Request for Absolute Mud flaps (if agreed)
  • Request for Floor mats
  • Once all documentation is done, key shall be handed over to you.
  • Give the honor of giving him the Gift and thank him.
  • Distribute sweets starting off with the SA.
  • They shall take you to the car to give a formal handover again. Carry camera to capture this moments.
  • Thank every one and request for their continuous support in future and say you are really happy and going to write good review about them, but mean it
  • Fill the fuel.
  • Drive home safely.



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