Linux: gdm (XServer) Crash with error dgm_slave_xioerror_handler

Dear Reader,

Recently upgrading XServer, GDM with many other packages, suddenly launching gthumb started to crash the XServer. Resulting me to pop back into login window. This happen all the time consistently. At first i thought it was the problem with Gthumb application itself. Tracing back the upgrade log, i did not find itself getting upgraded in a long time. So next step was to see its dependent packages. From the .dep file in the FTP server, i saw there was huge number of packages on which gthumb is dependent on. So going this way in finding which was upgraded and which was is not really a good choice. So i immediately started to look into kernel messages aka dmesg and system logs files.

I did not find much information in dmesg. Next digging further into /var/log/syslog file prompted me to this error line:

gdm-binary[5197]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error – Restarting :0

This line itself was enough to give me assurance that it was caused by the GDM and not any gtumb or related applications. Now GDM package involves even Xserver packages too. So googling was the only left out solution. As per google, there were many suggestions given i.e Reinstalling xserver packages, editing xorg.conf file, etc. None of them was much helpful.

Next is to look at the video driver side. So looked at the Nvidia Linux drivers page, found that a long stable version is released which is 319.49. I had 319.23. The new version release notes also mentions about a bug fix on Xserver/gdm crash. So immediately went for upgrading the driver.
Voila, it worked. Now i can use gthumb, gimp and other applications which were causing the crash.
Hope it helps…

Zen šŸ™‚


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