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Lepakshi Drive: Nov 2013

I do not have much to say about this long drive except that we took 2 different routes for the journey and the total drive was fun for me. The nature, roads, cold breezy wind in that hot weather was a bliss for Grande cursing πŸ˜‰


For onward journey we chose Yelahanka -> Dobbalapur -> Vidurashwatha -> Hindupur -> Lepakshi road. On this stretch, the whole road from dobbalapur is 2 lane highway and very narrow. Most of the vehicles are trucks, so beware of their lousy driving. This road could be very difficult to drive at night. The quality of the road isn’t that good either so as that you can trust it to be over 80 πŸ˜‰ You would get lots of surprises (pot holes), so trusting this road is pretty lame idea. The distance was around 118Km.Β The only advantage i would consider on this road is the good old nature side i.e the rocky hills here and there (after dobbalapur) and road side tamarind tree for most of the stretch after vidurashwatha. You can find more of this tree on Hindupur – lepakshi road which is for 12km. We did manage to fill half of our bag with the ripe tamarind. If you drop by later this year or tamarind ripen season then i bet you would enjoy plucking it off and tasting it.

For return journey we chose the opposite path which is Lepakshi -> Bagepalli -> Chikkaballapur -> Bangalore. This stretch is quite good till you hit the highway from lepakshi. The road from lepakshi to NH7 highway is around 15Km, the roads are good and wide at some places others were narrow and OK with few pot holes. The NH7 highway is a bliss to drive. Today being the festive day, this highway was almost empty. The distance on this route is ~6km longer than the earlier one.


There is nothing much to say about Vidurashwatha. There is park developed backside of this temple. People can visit and rest or dine there. Next we visited Lepakshi which is around 33KM from this place. The road leading to this place is narrow and not so good that you can trust as said above. So it took us around 1 hr to reach this place. The temple parking is very ample, so on a busy/rush festive day you would not get parking inside. This temple is a true archeological wonder. I really liked the way its built on top of rocky hill. Very big area but the actual temple inside the building is very small. Inside the temple room there is a small room which has no light source and its situation at a very corner carved below a rock. Looks like it was used to keep temples valuable stuffs in the previous centuries. At first it was spooky as most of us didn’t had torch or any light source but later on with mobile torches we experienced this chamber. Very beautiful building this was.

Thanks for reading. Let pics do talking….


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