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Decision matrix implementation in C#

Dear Reader,

Yesterday i faced a problem where the combinations possibilities were many and i had to implement code for this problem. Obvious solution is to implement If – else ladder. But i absolute hate this solution because the combination were around 5C3. The combination data was about behavior aspect of a scenario. Next solution is to use Switch block. But this solution involves inner switch combinations. So down the line it gets more complicated.

Next solution was to go for dictionary. But the problem with dictionary is the key uniqueness. In my case, most of the keys were not unique. So either i had to customize the dictionary behavior (List of KeyValuePair) or go for some thing else. The earlier will lead to writing alot of code for small problem and involves more cost factor in terms of development time and testing effort.  Idea rejected.

Then i suddenly remembered to make use of Decision table. So googling a bit to learn more about decision matrix, this is what i could implement which is not just extensible but also easy to understand and easy to add/modify later on. No need to change in the actual code (finding the combo) unless the way to look up methodology changes.

Sample code:


At line 27, i am here searching for a combination key of “Condition3” AND “ASC”, then get the result from the matrix. Line 31, have used FirstOrDefault() than First() to avoid exception when result is not found.

Hope it helps,
Zen 🙂


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