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Through the misty turns, green forests until the coastline

Through the thick green Forest in Sirsi to Kumta, Karwar to Kaiga, Anshi Forest, Karwar to Yallapura. Stroll the beaches of Gokarna, Cloudy weather of Karwar yet bathed in sweat; tune in to sea waves music, feast up the sea food.
A week earlier..
It was one fine morning at office as usual, me was browsing news and FB and preparing for the days job. Comes a communicator ping from a colleague asking whats the plan for weekend. I am a bit surprised to see the question though its second day of the week but as usual makes me excited to think about as there is no time of day i would love to spend time with “mio tesoro”Discussions began to roll out about the places based on geography and weather. First place to pop up was Kerala and then TN side. Since already 3 weeks back we had done a 3 days trip to south coast tip of 1.8K distance, so we did not want to visit the same TN again. Kerala was a good choice, but most of the places it was reported to have a bad raining weather as per Accuweather.

So we dropped the Kerala plan. Next comes our own beautiful state where we began to dig up the places and no rain. But again accuweather started showing possibility of rain on most of the north-western places of Karnataka.

After much lengthy discussions, finally we narrowed down to Shimoga, Gokarna, Karwar, Murdeshwara, udupi, Mangalore. Further discussions and analysis, we narrowed the plan to Gokarna. We also had a plan to do Kaiga power plant visit in Nov month as current month it shall be raining heavily there. But we took a chance and with fingers crossed decided lets hit Gokarna. Karwar and with possible Kaiga as well.

Here comes the most difficult part of any trip: Gathering the people. Upon checking with many colleagues/friends, most of them were busy that weekend. But then me and colleague who came up with the weekend trip plan decided lets just hit the roads.

The D day:
As always, we decided to leave Friday evening from office directly. We plan to take a pit stop at Davangere as its my colleague’s native. Take a rest for 2-3 hours and then again depart. Initially my plan was to hit straight to Gokarna without any major breaks, but he suggested that lets hit the Sirsi and onwards journey in the early hours as its awesome.

The whole route and places visited is shown in below map.
Whole Route.png

Left the office by 6 PM and reached Davangere by 10PM as in between there was heavy rains and thus slowing us down and causing more delay. After taking rest at his humble abode and thanks to his parents for their generous care, so we started off early hours (2 AM) towards Sirsi. Reached the ghats of Sirsi onwards around 5 AM and my o my, this is when i realized i should thank my colleague for his wonderful suggestion and planning.

An historic moment for me during this trip while returning back. This was at Yellapur. Not only the 15K milestone moments was felt, but the tasty buns as well consumed which we didn’t find in Gokarna nor at Karwar hotels. The buns were really tasty and awesome.

We also wanted to refill the fuel at Yellapura, so we looked upon this hotel which was right next to the IO bunk named: Hotel Shanbag.
We also bought some eatable (chaklis/murukku) packet from this hotel, i must mention that the fried item was really tasty and even my parents loved it as well. Apart from this, we also bought Belgaum Kunda a Nandini Dairy product. I loved this too.

Back to the D Day:
As already mentioned the first stop was at Sirsi. We took the route from Davangere to Bankapura and then Sirsi which was suggested by Google maps.

Our first stop at Sirsi after departing Davangere at 2 AM. It was around 5 AM and a moment for a coffee break at the wee early hours.

My colleague (Harish) gazed upon this hot bonda which was just made a min ago and we both tasted. Though this was off not my cup of tea, yet it was good.

After the coffee break, we left the sirsi town and the edge of the town we found this awesome moment where in we had to stop by and take snaps. Those few moments were just blissful to gaze upon.

I must say many people here do concern about their health and i observed many folks of all ages doing a morning walk. Looks like they are very much concerned about their health than bangaloreans . Even in that mist, it was not that cold.

Further down the road almost 3-5 kms outside of the main Sirsi town, we found this secluded place where we had to stop by for another few photo shoots. Thanks to Harish for borrowing an SLR. Though we both were rookies with SLR, we managed to get a decent pic i believe.

We met the owner of the above house being picture, in front his house was this vacant area where we did hear peacock sounds. Though i went ahead on foot to see if those peacocks could be picture, but they were very far i guess. So we came back and started the photo shoot.

So the first thing comes to my mind or to any FIATian is his love to be photo-shoot, isn’t it?

Isn’t she gorgeous


The nature here is just stunning all around.


Wanted to shoot how she looks with all her eyes lighted up in this weather Crazy ye??

Paddy field: Looks stunning. We just stood there few minutes just mesmerizing the greenery with mist

A view spot on the way to kumta.

Mirzan Fort : Parts of it are ruined yet beautifully and neatly maintained. The entrance is free but not many people visit.

This place was really humid, 2 mins standing outside in the sun we started to sweat like pigs, yet the greenery was very beautiful all around this fort.
We departed from this place towards Gokarna around 9 AM.

Saga Continues: Gokarna

On the way to gokarna, we had breakfast at a hotel on the highway. We had buns and dosa here, the hotel is quite big yet the food wasnt tasty.

Reached the gokarna town around 11AM booked a room at Gokarna International hotel. The room was in OK condition with clean restroom. We paid 500 INR for the room which we think is reasonable. Not much facilities can be expected here. We got refreshed and then off to OM Beach.

OM Beach:
A restaurant cum lodge.

Beach wasnt that crowded, we had a very nice time here watching firangies swim

We were tanning on the beach for a while and then this couples comes by to give us almost 30 minutes of good show which included lot more positions and few from our historic book :p, yet i applaud them for their immense strength and body flexiblity :D Oh not to forget, she is hottttt….

Tasty Red Snapper Fish, @Namaste Caffe

Kudle Beach:
Towards the entrance to the beach, the parking area had a nice uphil spot. Guess what, time for a photo shoot. Whom? Do ya ask
Hope ya guys like my fresher photography skills
Kudle beach was very secluded and hardly we could find people here yet the beach was neat and good.

Paradise Beach:
This beach is again isolated yet beautiful and calm. I took a power nap here due to the serene spot. I loved the view and calmness on this beach. We could not find any business spots here though.
DSC_0474.JPG The dog was really enjoying the beach and was playing in the water. Very cute to watch this guy playing all by himself. How peaceful his life would be, i wonder

Around 5PM, we decided to hit the hotel as I was suffering from a bad cold, I needed a rest. Reaching hotel, my colleague decided to hit the temple and further explorations of the gokarna beach (behind temple) and I decided to take rest.

He came back with a lot of good explorations of hotel details. So we went for dinner to a near by restaurant which served Italian dish. For some reason, I like Italian and french food :D

This restaurant was owned by a local guy, and it was really well maintained. They make their own cheese, butter and ice creams which was really tasty. We ordered Italian cheese toast, Lasagne and Icecream. We both did really enjoy the food here, but sadly I missed a non-veg food here

Shri Shakthi Hotel


Karwar -> Kaiga
The next day i.e Sunday we planned to start off early to karwar. Around 7 AM departed from Gokarna after checking out from the hotel. We visited the temple again and said good bye to the holy place.The whole climate was really good and very favorable to us. All around the hills were covered with mist and it was looking beautiful. Again the zeal within me creeps back out to call for a photo shoot the babe

The previous night we got the confirmation from my colleagues uncle about the passes for the Kaiga power plant visit. So we planned to visit that as well. Hence we directly hit to Kaiga from gokarna.
We took the forest inside route which is quite narrow towards the kaiga than the main yellapura – Kaiga highway, thus enjoying the scenic beauty and greenary.
Around 10AM we reached the kaiga township, we were invited to his uncles house for breakfast. After an hour of relaxation in their home, we departed to the plant around 12 AM.It was around 20 KMs away from the township.
The plant is heavily guarded by the CRPF? with good weapons in their hands, just the way it suppose to be.
There is a strict rules and regulations to enter this place and the whole plant is completely monitored highly round the clock. Applaud the security forces who keeping this place secure and safe.

This place was again heavily humid though between the dense forest. The plant visit was very productive, thanks to his uncle we got lucky to see the internals of it and a feet close up with the massive steam ducts and turbines. Feels like a sauna room in the steam turbine and generator room. We also had a pleasure to see the control room and how they manage and monitor the plant. Sadly i could not see the internals of reactor building
It was around 2 hours tour of the complete plant and his uncle explained us in detailed of all the parts of the plant.
Around 2PM, we departed back to township for good lunch. His uncle family really took great care of us there for lunch.. We spend a while resting at their house and then decided to depart to karwar for further sight seeing.

After departing from their house, the Kadra dam was on the way towards highway.

This dam holds up the water reservoir for the power plant to operate on. It is said that the road which the bus in picture is about to take gets closed when there is a week full of rainfall thus the water rushing out of crest gates cover up the bridge ahead of it. We departed back to karwar which was around 1.5hr away from Kaiga.

Its said that, always our heart lingers back to the good old younger days. I always long for such things which we used to enjoy in the past. One more thing i am looking for and i hope i get it sometime

Around 5 PM we reached karwar, than booking a hotel to take rest or refresh, we preferred to roam the place a bit. So we hit the famous so called london bridge for a few snaps.

Standing on the bridge we referred to TripAdvisor app for suggested hotel and found Premier to be a good. So we went ahead and booked a Non AC room. It costed us 750INR.
If non AC, always carry a mosquito coil or net is a lesson learnt for us that night as the adjacent area is full of bushes thus alot of mosquito. Thank god we didnt catch any issues from them

This hotel has attached restaurant, and serves non -veg and veg. The food quality is OK though not great. The room service was bad, yet the room cleanliness including the restroom was good. The parking is on the roadside which looks safer as the traffic is quite less on this main road. There are many walkable distance hotels (with in 10 mins) around this place.

Based on a tripadvisor review, we chose to visit Parvati Fish land hotel. We went there around 8PM. Most of the people who visit this place are laborers who majorly have a rice – fish sambar meal. So it was crowded with most of them.
The quality of the food is really bad. I ordered Squid and Fish fry. First the squid was served cold and not only my complaint was ignored, the squid has gone rubbery. Next i ordered a fish fry making sure it served hot. Unfortunately the oil in which it was fried was really stale and it tasted yucky. I could not have more than 3 pieces. My colleague who is a pure Veggie ordered just a panneer fry got a crap. Finally with food left wasted, we left this place cursing the food and owner. With much disappointment on both of our faces and much more on me since i forced my colleague to join me for dinner, we went back to our hotel. Sadly he slept off empty stomach, and secretly cursing me, i felt bad. I later ordered Chicken biryani and chicken Fry to the room. The food was not that tasty but OK.

Finally the day ended.

A bad news to share: The moment we stepped out of Gokarna, we encountered a long traffic jam on a highway. At first our mind wandered around a vehicle breakdown, but moving ahead we saw that it was an accident and it could have happened few minutes ago. It brought down chills through my bones for a minutes.
I immediately started to analyze the possibility of this accident. The car was of GOA regd and the truck of MH if i recall correctly. As one can see, the truck was climbing the curve where as the car would have zoomed at high speed down the hill at a curve which could have caused the accident. With more calculations in my mind running, i made sure every curve and bends i take a caution step and then left the spot at the earliest due to vehicles piling.
So guys, be safe at curves and bends. Drive safe.

The Unexpected Journey

Since our initial plan was a doubtful visit to Kaiga power plant, we did not plan for a day 3. But suddenly things change, and i guess thats where a flexible planning works well ;)

So as usual we woke up early in the morning to roam around the karwar as we had left out to visit 2 beaches. Hence around 7 AM we started off. During breakfast we started searching for good beaches around, it suggested us Rabindranath tagore, Majali beach along with a 30-40 Km distant Canacona beach. At the hotel, we asked around to check if the info was really correct. Every one suggested the same, hence we decided to hit GOA :D

A monday morning visiting GOA than any where else, how wonderful it sounds, isnt it :p So first stop after breakfast was to Rabindranath tagore. The early morning hours (8AM), the beach looks very good, fisher men busy fishing or unloading the fishes at shore. The whole landscape and the sea looked really good for a few snaps.



Spent an hour here and then visited the next beach called Majali beach. This beach is more of a fishermen den than any. Lots of fishermen were busy doing there job and this one is not a commercialized place either.

The shore was almost filled with dead fishes being thrown away, i felt sad to see these fishes getting wasted and dead than living in the sea for a future day purpose. Neither any bird took them away for eating. Lots of jelly fishes were lying around dead too. Guess these fishermen throw them as its of no use to them from their basket of capture.


Found these cute little friends napping in the morning time and their momma got angry for a photo-shoot tho ;) Its a great pleasure especially for me to meet these folks in my journey :D


It was around 10 AM we started off towards Goa. The border police are the worst ones, though i had all the copies of the document which was asked, suddenly he tackles me with the question why its not attested. It doesnt makes sense but at the end our KA police there asked ok go but do bribe us something, i had to throw in 50INR and move on.

South GOA : Palolem Beach
Around 1130 we reached this beach, not very crowded yet it was beautiful and it had all the things needed to have fun. I must say this beach was really worthy to pay visit than so far i did.

While i enjoyed the tasty shark fry my colleague took a dolphin ride. The best Mexican beer i had so far, with added lime it tastes even better. I just loved it.
Note: Shark is an endangered species and I probably wont be consuming it any more.
DSC_0814.JPGHis ride almost took an hour while I watched a fantastic view and firangies.

Around 130PM we said goodbye to this beach and started back to karwar. Now yet again my worry was how would the GOA police give us trouble at the border, with that in mind we rushed back and their behold he caught us and my insurance paper were in the bag at hotel. He first asked me a 1.5K fine, some how negotiated for 300INR and got out of that situation. We both felt really bad about this act of the cops.

The Return Journey:
Since there shall be a night journey again, i wanted to take some rest before we depart, hence around 3 PM, we reached back to hotel and took 2-3 hours sleep. At 5 PM in the evening we started back towards bangalore. Again the return journey roads were awesome till Yellapura via Ankola. There was no much traffic on the road, so we enjoyed the drive. Around 7 PM we reached yellapura for a refueling the tanks (ours and car).

We left yellapura after refueling, the next road was in between the forest. The road was a SH with just narrow road. There as no much traffic till Mundagod, so i really enjoyed the twist and turns between the forest. We were hoping to catch any wild creature along the path, but only one we met who was resting in the middle of the road, thankfully i noticed him and slowed down wherein i could have overrun.

Kanakadasa Fort, Bada, Haveri Dist.

On the way towards haveri, we saw a distant building which was well light. Though we ignored and we didnt knew we were in bada. We both were discussing what that building would be and why it was well lit. Further down the road we saw a board which said “Kanakadasa Fort”. It was around 930PM, we quickly took a U – Turn to visit this place.
Thankfully it was well light in that night time due to the honey bee issue. For some reason the bees have gotten angry than resting in their hive. To avoid any harm from them, they had lit this place well.

Although the fort was closed at that point of time, we just had to see from outside and take a snap of us there.

With the dinner plans going on in our minds, we started to depart from this place, but we found this nice Hubli people who were having their dinner. With much courteous they invited us for dinner. During the the course, we got to know that these were APMC and Gram panchayat members who were returning from a religious visit to Chennai.

Though there was a harsh tone in their voice their hearts very lovely and they showed us a true human nature. We felt very homely all along the course. They took good care of us be it food serving, inquiry about us and our work and even they assured us to visit their place and contact them for any help if we may require.

Around 10 PM, we said good bye to these beautiful people and thanking them wholeheartedly. Our journey started towards davangere.As already planned, we rested at my colleagues place till 3 AM and then departed back to Bangalore.

The complete trip was just amazing, mesmerizing and exciting to both of us. I loved every bit of it and i am sure my colleague did as well: Be it the misty mountains, dense forests, steamy turbines/generators, humid beaches. It was brilliant :woot:

I hope you guys have enjoyed the post as well. Thank you for reading


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