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FIAT Family Dayout : Bangalore 2014

Dear All, I got an email invitation for this event (Thanks to Tousiff, KHT). This sunday i.e 21 Dec i attended this event with my family. The invitation said the event is 1030 onwards and at Confident Cascade Resort, Bannerghetta Road. I was there by 1130 AM. By then few event was going on in… Continue reading FIAT Family Dayout : Bangalore 2014

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Xiaomi Redmi File transferring with Linux.

Explained in simple steps: 1. You need ADB (Android Bridge) tools. Just paste this in your terminal as SU bash <(curl…/nexus…/master/ 2. The nexus tool downloads and install appropriate version of ADB for your Linux box. Wait few minutes. 3. As SU, execute => adb start-server 4. Enable USB debugging on ur RedMe and… Continue reading Xiaomi Redmi File transferring with Linux.