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FIAT Family Dayout : Bangalore 2014

Dear All,

I got an email invitation for this event (Thanks to Tousiff, KHT). This sunday i.e 21 Dec i attended this event with my family. The invitation said the event is 1030 onwards and at Confident Cascade Resort, Bannerghetta Road. I was there by 1130 AM. By then few event was going on in the grounds for the kids. Few friends from Team Fiat forum (TFI) were already presented there.

After couple of minutes discussions with them and with welcome drink, we proceeded to the ground where the event was taking place. There were few kids busy playing stuffs which had been set up in the ground. By the time we stepped into ground, the organizers were involving the adults to participate in few games. It was fun to watch and enjoyable as well. On the spot, they we serving cool drinks to all. Sipping away the not so cold drink under the hot sun, the game went on. Later on we were joined by few other guys from TFI and few others (sorry i don’t remember their names).

There were around 100 people at this event around mid day. More folks kept coming later on. After few outdoor events, the lunch was served by 130PM. The food was good. Around 3 PM the indoor event got started. This included few professional dance performances, dances from few audience and with clown act. Around 5 PM the event got ended with asking the audience to sign a wall kept outside. With tea/coffee, sandwich and bajjis we bid goodbyes to all.
Totally this event was really good and i wish more people had come to this. On total, around 200 people had attended roughly.

Sunday well spent ;)πŸ™‚

Thanks and have fun πŸ™‚

IMG_20141221_171732_HDR IMG_20141221_173441_HDR

IMG_20141221_130516 IMG_20141221_130523 IMG_20141221_131617 IMG_20141221_131630 IMG_20141221_133613 IMG_20141221_133619 IMG_20141221_151002 IMG_20141221_153230 IMG_20141221_153303 IMG_20141221_153340 IMG_20141221_153400 IMG_20141221_153402 IMG_20141221_153422 IMG_20141221_160158 IMG_20141221_160220 IMG_20141221_160250 IMG_20141221_160255 IMG_20141221_160510 IMG_20141221_160516 IMG_20141221_160607 IMG_20141221_161659 IMG_20141221_161858 IMG_20141221_161907 IMG_20141221_162140 IMG_20141221_163813 IMG_20141221_163820 IMG_20141221_164721 IMG_20141221_164731 IMG_20141221_164735 IMG_20141221_164737 IMG_20141221_164738 IMG_20141221_164859 IMG_20141221_164904 IMG_20141221_164913 IMG_20141221_164921 IMG_20141221_165100 IMG_20141221_165108



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