Drifting across Sumptuous city : Jaipur – Part 1

 How the weather has changed in just over night!, I kept wondering, when i woke up from the paddling dreams of golden odyssey when the train roared its horns across the jaipur junction.

Start of Day 1,

We had already planned the hotel in which we wanted to stay for the entire 5 days. Initially we had planned for just 3 days in jaipur. But upon deeply exploring and planning we realized that more is required. Since we already planned for Ranthambore safari, so we just get 2 days to spend at jaipur alone.

From the station in the morning we proceeded towards Hotel Rani Mahal, hawa sadak which was around 5 kms away. Reaching the hotel we were informed that the rooms wont be available till 10 AM onwards. So we had to wait till then. Thankfully the hotel management provided us a spare room to refresh, upon our request.

By around 9 AM, we decided to wander around the city leaving behind the luggage in their custody. This hotel to our dismay, wasn’t at a commercial place nor at a different place where usually hotels shall be, but in between the residential environment. The owner has converted the house into a hotel and make it look like it’s a heritage one.

Even the interiors have been decorated to look like it’s a palace.

The room we got wasn’t that spacious nor equipped to fit in 3 people. However, since we hardly spent a few hours except for night sleep in the room, we decided to accept it.

After refreshing, we prepared for the days visiting places which was City palace, hawah mahal and Jantar mantar. All these 3 places are just adjacent to each other in the midst of the busiest place of the city.

As we go higher in the hawah mahal, the narrow channel window designed here allows the air to gush through which keeps this place very windy and cool.

Further on, we proceeded towards City palace which was adjacent to this mahal. En-route, we found public dropping by and buying few grains then offering to the birds.

On inquiry, we came to know that it’s a belief that by offering some thing every day to birds/animals something, one can wash off their sins.

On one side, its great that people believe in such good things and treat animals/birds like they should which allows human:Non-Humans to live in harmony but on the other hand, i wonder why still human does sin? o_0

The city palace is quite big and neatly maintained. Thanks to the Govt. who has taken keen interests in keep such monuments to its great form by cleanliness and restoration activities.

The city palace is quite vast and very rich.

Its been said that, the hawah mahal was mainly built for the queen to enjoy her times when the king is away or king spending time carrying out his duties in the city palace. Being their, i realized how much of an enjoyment she must have had.

Next stop, Jantar mantar. Though it looks great to see all the astronomical works done by past folks, yet many things is not understood.

Spending time here for a while, we then had lunch at the nearby hotel before decided to hit the Chowki dhani as we had planned up.

Chowki dhani exists very outside of the city beyond airport, which was around 40 mins away drive. This place gets crowded as the sun goes down.
From outside, this place looks as a normal hotel, but upon entering it gets much interesting.

The whole place is ranges around few acres, and its fully converted and simulated to look like an exact typical village aura of 70s time. Not only it looks splendid, but it carries one to the past. I loved the whole vibe going on in here.

All the structure are built to exactly look vintage.

There are a lot of events happening here. One never gets bored here. Beyond the cold weather, this place just carries you away to enjoy every moment.

This place has also many vintage play stuffs for the younger ones.

This place also has resort, restaurant and bar. The whole place looks very pleasant to chill out.

After spending some time at this place, we decided to hit the dinner table around 10. Still this place was busting out with a lots of activities.

I must confess that the food here was just bad as it can be. Though the quantity and varieties were very, but without taste it just blows.

Around 1030, we decided to depart from this place. Luckily the rickshaws were available outside this place due to its fame.

Await for the Part 2. 😉


Zen 🙂


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