A twist, A turn; there’s the Coffee land

With a week gone by admiring the western ghats, of my beautiful state. It was time, i took my tigress for a spin in the similar trench, and time she needed some fresh air. With multiple options in our head, we finally shortlisted chikmagalur to roll. As usual, we 3 folks: Varun aka sleepy joe,… Continue reading A twist, A turn; there’s the Coffee land


Nature hiking at Bhatkala

After a long gap of approx 6 months, the Power sports team dusted themselves off and decided to hike/trek in the summer time. At the same time, one of our team member received a call from long-standing friend and a trek organizer Mr. Ganapathy about a new trek location. As usual, the communication, preparations started… Continue reading Nature hiking at Bhatkala