Nature hiking at Bhatkala

After a long gap of approx 6 months, the Power sports team dusted themselves off and decided to hike/trek in the summer time. At the same time, one of our team member received a call from long-standing friend and a trek organizer Mr. Ganapathy about a new trek location.

As usual, the communication, preparations started to roll in. In time, few members dropped out of the “Aye” group for this trek. With 10 members at hand, we decided to proceed ahead for the trek. For some reason, we booked the sleeper coach of Sea bird, later to be realized that it was a mistake due to their buses kept under poor maintenance.

Friday, 5th March, we 10 of us assembled at their office at Ghandinagar, Bangalore. The bus left at 930 PM, thus taking almost an hour to exit the perimeter of the city. Till the weather dropped much less around midnight, our travel was comfortable. Later that night, the ill maintained windows kept auto slide out thus letting the cold gushing wind in and disturbing the sleep. 😦

At honnavara

The bus was supposed to reach Bhatkala around 6AM, instead delayed by 2 hours. We were received by our trek organizer and immediately escorted us to a nearby lodge for refreshments. After finishing the breakfast, we boarded govt. bus to depart towards Shiroor village. Around 40 mins passed away by enjoying the nature of this beautiful coastal land. Though the humidity was high, the breezy wind kept us from drenching in our own sweat.

Honnavara Rural

Getting off from the bus, Ganapathy had organized 2 rickshaws for our transport to another village which is around 15 kms deep inside the plantations. Another hour spend in the rickshaw enjoying the thick lush green vegetation.

We then reached a farmer house where in we took some rest with lemon juice served.

While every one sipping away the juice and kool down from the heat by resting under the shades, i happen to meet my favorite friends species on earth, whom i am utmost lucky to meet during all my travel.

Sadly, i never got to talk with other doggie except the black one nor was able to meet the owner in getting to knows these 2 cute guys name.

We dumped our luggage and we were instructed by Ganapathy to trek for a near by water falls while the lunch gets prepared. The trek started through the forest area for another 1 hour straight.

Thick dense forest
A pleasure rest 😉

After some time, we took a rest at a huge fallen tree. It looked like a more than a 100 year old.

As we ascend the mountain, the nature gave us a glimpse to her rest of the beauty, the view was breathtaking.

Time for some photography skills

After trekking in the high humid forest, sweating like pig, we reached the foot of the  koosalli water falls.

At first, seeing the waterfall from the foothills, did let us for a bit disappointment. Then we were informed that there is more to it. We had to climb steep for another 15 mins or so to reach the first level of the falls to experience its true beauty.

Under the water fall, its surely a therapy and takes away body pain

Around 30 sq feet area of pool at the foot of the fall with more than 10 feet deep at some points.

Enjoying the swimming and the natural therapy of waterfall splashing forcefully on our body, we spent another 2 hours or so here.

After returning back to the base camp, we had lunch around evening. After an hour of rest, we were informed to pack our bags to proceed to the next base camp for the night rest.

No parking sign! o_0

Our path was through the village, but was fully surrounded by the rubber plantations.

Rubber producing trees

On the way down, we then spotted few cashew trees where we plucked few cashew fruits and then a guava tree with lots of ripened fruit hanging out. Immediately we rushed towards to grab as much as we can.

Guava tree

To the best of my knowledge, these were the best guava i ever tasted. The feeling of consuming them fresh off the tree was unforgettable.

Living among the nature is the best thing any man can wish for.

Further on, the nature got more beautiful around us, though the sun was about to set we did not feel or fear about getting dark.

Spotted a Hornbill at this place too


Awesome photography by my friend, Mallikarjuna

A beautiful sunset

Around 630, we reached to another plantation owners house where our organizer had pre-planned to camp. We planted our tents in his courtyard.

While the organizer team looked into the cooking details, we spent rest of the evening chit chatting with loads of fun. In the midst of nature, without electronic gadgets time flies very fast.

Without any comfort of a wooden cot or soft cushion bed, the night went by in deep sleep. Next morning i woke up around 5, with rest of the battalion still snoring away in their tents. I decided to past the time by helping in small way to Chef in making some tea and prepare for breakfast.

With every one awake, we decided to refill the firewood stock of the house owner.

After having breakfast, it was time for us to pack our bags and take minimal luggage to visit Belligundi waterfall.

The path through the forest was a bit tougher than the previous one but we had to strive through a thick thorn plants.

Further down the path, our guide seem to got confused by the path for a while. We decided to stay for his return. With thick canopy this like, it’s very easy to get lost.

Further on, we got off the thick canopy over head to an open sky water stream path. Time for some rest.


Further path was up the stream over the big rocks.

Walking on the big boulders upstream is not an easy task. But it was totally worth the effort.

Belligundi Falls
Walking along big boulders

Finally, we reached the foot of the waterfalls. The sun rays almost doesn’t hit the foot of the falls thus making the water and the whole place ice-cold.

Due to summer, the water level is low

This falls didn’t had enough space nor depth for swimming activity at its foot. Enjoyed the therapy of the waterfall and left this place to our base camp. Evening we decided to wrap things up from the base camp and departed towards Kundapura.

Had dinner at Shettys lunch home which was near the new bus stand. The food was good here yet costly.

Chicken ghee roast, neer dosa, paneer ghee roast, fish fry, fish charcoal grill

Return bus was booked in SRS, sadly this bus window as well opening on its own due to vibrations. Looks like the sleeper coach feature? Damn 😦

That’s all folks,
Thanks 🙂


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