The Chains of Craziness – when wanderlust’s meet kodai


It was long due post monsoon, that i was thirsty for an break and a drive. It all happened because of a colleague who got married at madurai last weekend i.e 21 Aug 2016. So few of us planned to do a drive and attend his marriage event. Initially, we had planned for Madurai and Rameshwaram. From Bangalore we 3 started towards madurai on friday evening, while one other person dropped off last minute, we still went ahead and left the bangalore by around 930PM.

The bangalore till hosur was jam packed all along. There was hell lot of traffic till the border even at the night times. We seriously need atleast 8+ lane highways. By the time we reached hosur city, it was almost 11PM. We planned to have dinner some where in krishnagiri or nearby, but at this hour, most of the hotels were shut. So we continued further and my friend suggested a local shop opened 24 hours at the junction where chennai highway meets. We had a good parota there and continued further on.

Like every drive of mine, this time as well it rained till salem. The rain god had been very blissful towards me and my tigress: machli (named my car in tribute to The Queen of Ranthambore). The environment became very pleasant to drive and enjoy drive with window down ;).

We reached madurai around 4AM on saturday. Our groom had booked hotel room for us, so we took some rest for few hours. Woke up around 7 AM and waited for another hour or 2 till 2 other friends dropped by from Chennai. By around 9 AM, facing the wrath of sun at about 36C during day time, we decided to head towards Kodaikanal. Since, i never been to kodaikanal, but already did rameshwaram, so i as well agreed to it.

Post breakfast, around 10 AM we departed towards kodaikanal with 5 folks. The route was enjoyable and fantastic. The scenic environment all along was really beautiful and breathtaking.

By around 12 PM we reached the top of the kodaikanal. The crowd was less and it was pleasant environment all over. Without further delay, we inquired about the places to visit/see, as we had not planned earlier. We were informed that around 7 places are to be seen which lies in one direction. Hence, with out delaying for lunch break or tea breaks, we started visiting the places.

Seen from the tigress eyes 😉 She absolutely loved the road, for sure. Twist and turns, is where FIAT rocks 😉

Around 9 PM we reached back to Madurai hotel and the rest of the night went off with chit chats and fantastic food of Madurai. The famous refreshing drink of Madurai – Jigardhanda is really a smoothing wonder for your thirst during the hot weather.

We bought some famous non-veg food from Konar and Hamsaveli hotels in madurai. The rest of the night till 1AM went off with talks.By next morning, we woke up around 7 AM and got ready to attend the marriage ceremony.

Around 1PM we finished off the event and came back to hotel. Ordered famous biryani from hamsaveli and took some rest till 4 PM. At 630PM, Sunday, the drive started towards bangalore with 4 people in the car. The ride was more fun and by 3 AM we reached bangalore, took some rest, later went to office around 9 AM.

Total ride was 1300 Kms with mileage of avg 22. As usual in most of my rides, i alone get to enjoy driving all round the route, this time as well enjoyed solo driving. The highway is superb to just keep driving till kanyakumari 😉 Unfortunately we had to come back for office, else my heart was wishing to continue the ride towards munnar, coimbatore then bangalore.

Thanks 🙂


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