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Exhilarating Bike ride to Horsley Hills

The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome.

Any perfect man, becomes a poet on motorcycle. When it comes to Royal Enfield Bullet, an introspection takes place on “Why we Ride”. Thus wanting to ride more on the open road with full tank of gas, so that, for life not to escape us.

The following week, post my solo ride to shivanasamudra, i got an event notification on facebook from my friend with whom i did my Leh ladakh drive. He used to organize many such rides in the past, though i wasn’t able to join. This time, i decided to join the wonderful team for a ride to journey of 150+kms distant hilly place.

The discussion continued about the assemble point, event updates, change of plans etc over whatsapp. Till the previous night, the plans kept changing and finally we all agreed upon to reach destination to witness the sunrise. Based on that idea, we all decided to assemble at a particular point (KR puram, Bangalore) around 4 AM and with discussions, we decided the route plan as well to be via Kolar – Mulbagal. I however, always try to prefer a rural ride against a highways all the way. 😉

Around 4AM, everyone assembled at the decided point, we had a short introduction and started off. We decided to take a 5 mins break or for coffee break for every 70-90kms or whenever any body feels like taking break. Apparently by the time we reached mulbagal, the sun started to brightly shine over the horizon. To witness this, was really a blissful in nature.

At this wee hour, we spent sometime enjoying the sunrise by relaxing and taking photos for a while on the highway. We decided to not hurry up to the destination as the sun was already up and shining bright, but just to enjoy the sumptuous ride on the open road towards the bright horizon.

Hows my tiger?

Boys strategizing ;)
Me(in camo pant) and group leader strategizing on route and breakfast options 😉

Post mulbagal town, we had to take a detour towards Punganur. This route is in midst of nature and rural part of our beautiful country. Till the border of KA, the roads are pretty wide, but once crossing the KA border, the road gets very narrow. The early morning ride on this route is really splendid. The curves, twists, turns and the nature around just makes it spell-bound to experience.

We had breakfast at punganur town. The idli sambar was really nice. We continued further on kadapa highway towards madanpalli. Again the whole route is state highway, hence its single lane and gets pretty crowded.

With multiple breaks taken, we finally reached the horsley hills.

As we started to ascend, not only the roads were good, but also the view around started to get mere mesmerizing. Every twist and turn we took, we felt to stop and stare for a minute there. The hill top is even better all around to look at.

We did some masti here and captured lot of pics around, while enjoying the spectacular view..






We did spent around 2 hours or more under the hot sun getting tanned, but thankfully there was a mild breeze blowing across.

It was time for “Chal beta selfie le le re” 😉
The candid moments were many to look around 😛

Finally, before departing, decided to do jump together as part of our successful safe ride and happiness.

Around mid noon, we decided to depart from this place. At the exit spot, one of our friend identified a photo shoot place over the hill. So tried bit of Offroading as well 😉

Final adieu to the hills!!

Around lunch time, we left this place towards madanpalli to have lunch at some restaurants. By this time, the weather has become very hot all around. No wonder, the andra belt is pretty dry, for most part of the year. Inside madanpalli town, we had a biryani lunch at a nice restaurant. Post lunch, some of the guys took a quick nap, while others enjoyed short conversations. Till 4 PM we spent there in front of the hotel, discussing on various topics.

Around 4 PM, we left the place and took the same route as before towards bangalore. But this time, the serene rural route wasn’t any more calm. It was busting with alot of traffic. We crossed all that and arrived at mulbagal to have a coffee.

While one of our fellow rider left us due to some personal errands, the rest of the us enjoyed the sunset and then after sipping coffee we continued further. Around 8 PM, we reached the hoskote toll gate. By this time, the traffic towards bangalore was huge. Toll gate was piled up with lot of vehicles 😦 With final selfie, we all departed towards our way.

With another feather added to my cap, with fresh memories, new friends made, alot of fun, laughs and stories shared across; Thanks to the whole group members for making it memorable milestone.

Signing off 🙂

P.S: All photo credits goes to respective members of “The 5th Gear Riders


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