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Our cherished Elysium abode : Sandhakphu Trek – YHAI

I’d rather be a forest than a street.
Yes, I would, If I could, I surely would.
In the midst of the hectic life, there comes a moment, to look back at the nature and listen to her; if she is calling upon you. That moment is when, i decided let’s get going somewhere. At the sametime, i had a multiple ideas wandering in my head to do. From sikkim bike ride to Everest base camp trek to Chadar trek. With noting decided in the month of August-September, thought of joining my regular trek team for Chadar. Meanwhile, my good old friend KC, called up about Sandhakphu trek plans he was planning for. I instantly agreed upon joining him.

As usual, planning went on, he took care of most of the itinerary details, with almost anything left for me to worry about. Winter trek isn’t new to us, after doing Kedarkantha trek. But kept our fingers crossed for surprises, what may come by, as it was our first time towards North-East of India. Further reading about this trek online, i was awakened by the fact that the Everest is visible from Sandhakphu, adding more curiosity.
In the same months, i met online another great soul who as well a travel-trek freak like me from Gujarat. She: Amee; had already done Sandakphu earlier that year and was looking to do Kedarkantha. So the cross connection between us happened via my blog post about kedarkantha. She as well narrated many insightful details about Sandhakphu and her experience of first trekking in the himalayas.

On Dec 16, we started off from bangalore towards Kolkata, hoping to not witness more craziness of didi there 😛 Landing at the airport, when stepping out of it, our eyes suddenly took over by the huge tricolor indian flag waving with glory, at us.
We immediately hurried towards it to perspire its aura.
We then straight away headed to sealdah railway station. Dumped all our luggage there and then towards Dakshineshwar. From noisy world of kolkata, this place sits on a river side serene environment.
One can sit for hours here in watching the silent hoogly river enriching the place around.
Our next pit stop was at Belur math. We headed to the river bank, where the ferry ride starts, which is around 1km away from the temple. While we waited for the ferry boat to arrive, we decided to have our own masti while enjoying the serenity of the river flowing around us.
The sunset over the river and under the steel bridge looks really splendid and a perfect moment to enjoy by self or with your loved ones 😉
The ferry rides took around 30mins or so to reach on the banks of belur math. For me, it was a special moment to step on the holy place of Vivekananda ji. The tranquility of this place due to the river and also to the fact that it’s the holy place of the great holy saint, makes it a monumental place for me and perfect moments to cherish forever. The whole place is beautifully maintained by the math authorities and the white marble sculpture of the holy saint is wondrous to look at.
Around evening 6, we left this place and by this time, it was already dark. En route we had a nice paprichat on the roadside just outside of the math.
We then planned to take up a local bus towards Howrah bridge. What better way to enjoy the proper kolkata, if not via local public transport!
The bus route took us to the very interior parts of kolkata and it was fun to witness the polished and unpolished sides of kolkata. The streets at 7 was highly crowded and noisy all over, though the roads were very wide. Most of the vehicles do not follow pollution norms including the govt. ones. WB govt must look into this seriously and ban all the vehicles emitting heavy smoke.
About an hour of travelling through the darker corners of kolkata, we reached howrah bridge. The whole bridge was busting with noisy traffic and huge amount of crowd were passing through the bridge. This bridge is a great piece of engineering with immense strength built into it. It’s very decorative and looks awesome in the night. The lighting effect added to it makes it even more astounding.


Howrah bridge, if not for the over dense crowd passing through and the road side sellers on its narrow footpath, looks spectacular and mesmerizing to spend few moments here by over looking the beautiful nature with hoogly around it.

One has to feel the serene calling of the river hoogly below it to enjoy the breezing wind blowing against the bridge.
The noisy traffic through it gets irritating for a while, but once you ignore it and start deep observations of the river and loose yourself in the calling of the nature around it; you feel a river moving in you, A joy, upon the connection with your soul.


We passed through the bridge from one side to other and took another bus towards sealdah. By this time, all our planned activities were completed and by now we all felt hungry. Upon reaching the station, we had something to quench our hungry stomach and decided to roam around the railway station market as we had 2 hours more for the train to arrive. Upon roaming for an hour or so, we decided to take rest inside the station.
This is another over crowded station, wherein, just a sec of loosing eye sight on someone, consider yourself lost in the ocean of people. At times, the passengers run as if the whole station is on fire thus can knock you off the ground badly. So we placed ourselves at a safe comfortable location and thus saw lot of fast marathons happening for a while. Finally the train arrived on time and departed on time. Surprising ye? IR is slowly improving 😉

Day 1:

Next morning, we reached NJP station. Post breakfast, we straightaway started to look for sharing cab towards dargeeling. They charged us 200/head. Than taking 5 seats for 4 of us, we decided to take just the 4 and the back seat of a Force Trax vehicle. Boy o boy, once we started off the ride, post an hour or so, we all realized dammit; we should have taken 5 seats. It was a tightly jammed position and with almost no comfort at all. And so the butt pain saga continues for next 2 hours in those windy roads :p
Around 1PM we reached dargeeling. Our taxi stopped exactly near the toy train station, it was nice to witness the heritage train within few feet away from you.
All along our journey to dargeeling, we kept seeing this toy train tracks along the road and crisscrossing here and there, thus ringing the famous old Bollywood movie song “Mere Sapno Ki Rani from Aradhana”. By mesmerizing that song in my head, i almost ignored the pain in the back and butt in that congested taxi.
From the station point, our base camp hotel is 5 mins walk away. The hotel is situated on the main road and its pretty much easy to find. The locals around the station point are very much learned about YHAI. As soon as they see the rucksack, they get the feeling and help you out. After finishing the joining and reporting rituals at the YHAI front desk, we were allotted room of capacity 7-8 beds.
To our surprise, the room wasn’t that good nor clean. Felt the tents were much better option than this hotel room, after experiences from my previous YHAI himalayan treks. We refreshed ourselves and decided to take a bath in the freezing water 😉 It was definitely a 240V shock moment passing through the body when that cold water poured over, almost breath stops 😀
We decided to chuck the lunch at base camp and ventured out to give our taste buds a treat of dargeeling. Hence we decided to hit the famous Tibetan restaurant – Kunga.


Then we headed towards shanti stupa/Japanese temple up the hill. The climb towards this temple is quite steep and longer too from the station point/base camp. Little did we knew that the next day for acclimatization task, YHAI would take us again here. However, our own moments here was nice and the weather in the evening was pleasant  As usual, the authorities have maintained very well and clean.

The evening glorious looks on Mt. Kanchenjunga is entrancing.

Day 2:

The next day ritual was explained to us on the previous night dinner time. There is also a chart being displayed in the dinning area. Next day around 5AM, we were all up for the acclimatization walk. The cold breezing misty morning was soothing to few of us in enjoying the morning workout.
They took us to a nearby institute area which has a good amount of space for a routine workout.
Post the workout session for an hour, we returned back to the hotel for breakfast. Then post breakfast, its time for the send off ritual to the previous batch departing towards the summit.
It was time for us to depart towards the acclimatization long walk towards the same shanti stupa aka Japanese temple. So many of us loaded our rucksack with few kilos of weight to get used to and proceeded towards the stupa. The camp leader Mr. Ram pal, is quite a humorous person who led the way for the whole group.
At the stupa, everyone had their own moments of enjoyment and photoshoots, we were instructed to assemble at the entrance of stupa for a mutual interaction session and the process of electing a group leader, deputy group leader along with Environment leader.
Little did i know, and never had any experience; upon our introduction sessions about name, location and trekking experience, etc.. I was nominated by camp leader for Deputy group leader and Sharma ji as the group leader along with Archana madam as Env. leader. It was a mixed feeling for me to take up this task, which i never had done, yet enticing to try it out to prove self thy worthy and learn many things.
With all that settled, we all assembled for a group pic along with camp leader.
By noon we returned to our base camps and then the whole day was to us for our own enjoyment. Few of us went on our own ways to enjoy the town of dargeeling in different styles. We 4 of us, decided to hit the local places visit along with lunch outside.
First we decided to hit the tea tasting session at a nearby tea house at the place called chow rasta. 
This tea place has a nice setup with wide varieties of tea and snacks available and last but not least, beautiful store keeper :P. One can enjoy spending a great time sipping the variety of tea from black, white and green of various grade quality along with a splendid view of the nature around. Especially the sunset timings here is great to spend with your loved ones.
This place is huge where 4 roads meet and there is a big podium sitting at one corner while other corners are occupied by shops.
Further to this area, lies zoo, mountaineering club and mahakal mandir. We decided to first visit mahakal mandir and later if weather and time permits to visit the other 2 places. We proceeded towards further uphill to reach mandir. Here, there is a provision to do your own version of aarati to the deity than the poojari/monk doing it for you. So we all took our turns in doing so.
Finishing at this place, we went down near the market, where guys wanted to purchase some shawls and other clothing materials back home. The narrow roads has lots of roadside shops who sells all kinds of cloth materials by the cute nepali girls. While the guys did took their time in choosing the nice cloths and bargaining, i enjoyed my view of those cute ones for a while. Made my day though 😀
By the time we finished all this, it was lunch time. So we decided to hit the near by Thai style hotel called “The Park Restaurant“, The food was really good here and not that pricy as well.
However, my recommendation is to not opt for Lemon fish, as the dish is too lemony flavor and it was very difficult to taste and complete.
Post lunch, we decided to return back to base camp as we had a briefing session from the program leader about the whole trek and any QnA sessions followed by it. The whole session went on for around an hour. Around 5, we were all at the dining area for tea and some snacks. Then again few of us went on to roam around the dargeeling.
By now, it was completely dark and weather started to get more chilly, yet the streets were bustling with crowd. We decided to stroll through some roads which wasn’t explored earlier. Finally ended up at the clock tower street for some street food.
The street side food here is really very tasty.
The crowd here was alot, yet we had to wait for a while to get our food. The noodles, momos, egg-burgers were damn tasty yet cheaper too.
Further, we decided to hit chow rasta and witnessed a concert happening.
After getting enriched by the enthralling show, i decided to give my own lil preview to the audience, which was well received 😀
Finally i am a rockstarrrrrrrr 😛
Cute little kids started to joining in my show later on, which even motivated me to perform more.
Oh dear dargeeling, thank you, thank you. 😉



Seeing my spectacular show, a local shop auntie started giving her hot wings too 😀


Finally the big day is about to start in few hours. Time to get good sleep…


Day 3:

Big day starts, as the customs follow, every one started to assemble by 8 with breakfast done for our jeeps to pick us up. Based on the discussion between me and our group leader: sharma ji, i had to lead the whole group with the guide in front while he sweeps. From base camp, we have to travel around 2 hours journey by road in jeeps to a place called Dhotrey. This is a small village away from dargeeling from where our actual trekking started. Only connectivity to this village is via jeeps.

Here we met our guides: Norbu and Shibu. These 2 guys were very young yet very sportive social fellas. The entire group instantly felt comfortable with these two fellas for all conversations.

The norbu sherpa in blue jacket is studying secondary high school and does alot of adventurous activities including football sport. While shibu sherpa; who is the short guy is quite witty in nature yet very smart and takes care of his father’s business at this village. Both of these guys are really cordial and social animals. Our group enjoyed all through the trek with these folks.

After spending half hour here, while some folks started sipping tea-coffee, others chitchatting with rest in the chilling breezing weather around, our group leader gave a short speech and with headcount, we started off our trek finally by bidding adieu to the modern technology such as vehicles, facilities and comfort.

The route got more scenic as we marched ahead with full enthusiasm. The weather was getting more chilling with cold breezy wind blowing at us with the mist cloud all around. This environment kept our spirits up and motivated us alot. At some point, we waited for the last person to join the rest gang and then decided for a group pic.

Marching ahead, few masti action on the track is always fun than going very silent. So some masti moments to rejuvenate the spirits 😉


The beauty of the nature and the objects in it, makes this whole experience flabbergasted.

 Its time for tea point enroute uphill. As the path gets a bit more difficult and steep, the local villagers had a tea point setup in the middle of no where. The precious cute smile on them is all that is required to enjoy the tea and environment around 😉

Further up, when pro teaches the rookie : The art of photography…Enthralls!!


The hill-top lunch point was called Tonglu. This place is almost presumed to be in the midst of cloud; perhaps calling it a floating village; wouldn’t be a wrong phrase. The whole environment though chilling, but the feeling of being here is exhilarating.

The tonglu lunch point hotel did served us an amazing tasty food. While the outside weather got more cold, i stayed inside enjoying the delicacy served with the view around 😉

After an hour of break here, it was now all the way down hill path towards our resting point called Tumling. The whole path runs along the Indo-Nepal border. Here the road saperates the border between these 2 friendly countries. For the first time ever, we all enjoyed the crossing over legally between both these countries without visa nor passport.

Right side of the road is India. Other side is Nepal
Right side of the road is India. Other side is Nepal

The hotel in Tumbling sits on the nepal side of the border and thus we stayed officially on nepal side for a night 🙂

We enjoyed our evening with lots of talks, small games while sipping tea.

The stay here was quite good and it was in a wooden house. The group stay was really enjoyable with comfort.

Day 4:

With a comfortable sleep from the previous night, we began our day with very cold misty weather. The early morning sunrise did not blessed upon us due to cloudy weather. With much disappointment, we all returned to our rooms after spending half hour in the cold freezing windy hill top nearby. Once the beakfast is finished, we began our march towards the Kalipohkri.

Enroute, we had to enter the Singalila National Park of Nepal. So at the checkpost, we took some break while we get the permits done. While we all rested and chit chatted, the cute kids of the nearby local house playing spotted on and they were very cute. Almost every one of us played with those cute kids and they behaved very cordial with all of us.

We said goodbye to these kids with a group pic.

Further into the national park, we came across our Indian side SSB camp guarding our borders in the harsh weather conditions.

Along with the brave soldiers, we also saw the bravest guardian angel of soldiers and our country aka doggie :p

A neatly paved road runs along the border area into the nepal. We walked down and up this road and the aura around was splendid.

When the nature so splendid, it always wears the colors of the spirit..

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks..

When the few feet of altitude drops in less time, surely can give killer ideas to some people 😀


Upon reaching the tea point early as i was leading the group with the guide, there were few guys from IndiaHikes group playing soccer with a local kid. I too immediately joined playing with them ignoring cold and tiredness. It was so much fun playing for a while with the kid.

After a while, faizan bhai, a fellow group member joined along with us..

While others enjoyed their chat time sipping hot tea..

While others wander around in taking pics and enjoy the nature..

After an hour, enjoying our time, we all started off from here. Next point it was told to us as the lunch point somewhere 2-3 kms away from this place. The climb from this place towards lunch point was really steep and tiresome.

After an hour or so, we reached the lunch point. This hotel is situated at a hill top with a fantastic view around, though we could not enjoy the view due to cloudy weather. But the interior was beautifully decorated. Again here, we did some masti wasting some time 😉

Post lunch, we started again towards the kalimpokri camp. Further uphill trek, but the steep wasnt too much, but the weather around was getting much colder and windy. The beautiful aura around just makes you forget all that and cherish the beautiful and magical moments.

Weather makes you more romantic 😉

When we reached the kalapokhari camp, we were really tired and also feeling very cold from the outside freezing weather. While i being a deputy leader, volunteered to be busy in handling proper distribution of rooms to each group/members as per camp leaders instruction, so as to not be an issue later, some went off to play soccer at the nearby group with local kids. While others stayed back and relaxed with a cup of tea and followed by few inhouse games and dances.

These 2 young daughters of hotel owner, did really danced well in the evening for many Bollywood songs. Joined by our 2 guides Norbu and Shibu, who as well danced pretty good for many nepali songs.

In the night we did had a few moments of star-gazing due to clear sky, post dinner but the cold wind did not allow us to spend alot more time outside as much as we wanted. However, joshi and faizan; my fellow group trekkers, did tried their best to get a star-gazing in their camera, but it was not completely satisfied outcome.

Day 5:

The next morning, as it had become a kind of ritual, we all got up very early to witness the sunrise. As we stepped outside, we were welcomed by a velvet of snow on the ground which was not there in the previous day. The whole terrain looked very beautiful and magical.

When everyone were out enjoying the sunrise, and rejoicing moment was for each of us to have our own moment before the breakfast calls comes in.

So photoshoots ye?? No wonder, it is 😀

Bhai wanted hard bottom ;)
Bhai wanted some freezing bottom feeling 😉
When ground looks magical, love naturally is in the air :p

Finally we got some sunrise captured between the clouds..

Once the breakfast was done, it was time for the whole group to be made fall-in in the windy cold weather outside for the camp leader Mr. Yetin, who not only very friendly, but helpful man from Gujarat. Leaving all his business interests aside in gujarat, he had volunteered for YHAI trek. Upon his speech, we all thanked and bid adieu to this amazing camp and all the people there.

From here, the sandakphu hotel could be seen at a far distance over the hill top. The trek was a bit difficult due to the hot sun and also the rough steep terrain. Different sub-group folks had their own fun enroute the climb at their own speed.

Around noon time, we few of us reached the sandakphu top and took some rest in front of the camp and was welcomed by camp leader Mr. Abhinav, from UP.

The whole camp and few hotels along with SSB camp sits on a beautiful hill top location.

While the whole group till the last person, took their own time to reach the top, i started playing with the local animals there and then went off to see the Grandeur Sleeping Buddha.

Very playful kitten and cute

When the whole group was present at the camp, the camp leader sorted out all the rooms facilities to us and briefed us about the timetable. Then we were let to ourselves in enjoying the stupendous nature around. Before lunch, the whole group went on the view point in admiring the sleeping buddha and Everest range

Competing against Sleeping Buddha… By not so sleeping buddhas 😉

By post lunch, few of us took some rest while other chit chatted in the big house. Around 4PM, we all started towards the sunset point which is almost 1-2kms away from the camp. Upon reaching there, it was a breathtaking moment to witness the vast sea of cloud and beautiful sun at the farther end. The pale yellow-orange sun rays which colored the cloud, made it even more spectacular to get mesmerized. The feeling being here is beyond any words to be described.

Enjoy the superb video made by my trek mate Swaroop:

The night did go very well, as most of us gathered at one place and did loads of fun activities before and after dinner. From jokes to songs to dance, etc.

Day 6:

The next morning, many of us woke up very early for sunrise. We ran up the hill to get a much better view. Again the clouds did block the view alot.

The sunrise over the Everest range, especially the Everest north ridge was looking spectacular. I cant wait to see it up close in Nov, this year.

Its a timeless transient state, when one just spends watching the view of this amazing range against the morning light.

We started off from this camp, from here onward, it’s all down the hill walk. Though the sun was bright and warm, the journey did not make us feel tired or frustrated. For me, it was a bit disappointment situation to leave the wonderful heaven behind.

As the downward journey gets more painful on the knees, the group took couple of breaks to give it a relief. The terrain isn’t difficult while getting down.







Further into the jungle, we encountered a agora tapasya doing baba, but not in the traditional attire. 

Further inquiring we got to know, he is a solo caveman, doing tapasya in the jungle to escape from all.

Upon meeting baba, the entire group felt rejuvenated and with more energy, we went ahead leaving behind the caveman. Thank god he wasn’t in the caveman attire 😛
When we descended almost to a vast flat land, it was time for lunch time.

The entire team took alot of rest here by exchanging lot of refreshments from their backpacks, while i decided to do some sun tanning, as if i am too white 😉

In another hour or so, we reached the village Gurdum which sits on the border of WB and Sikkim state. Just a river separates the 2 states.

The gurdum camp sits on a beautiful landscape near to the river. The environment around to look upon is beyond admiration. One can make a perfect vacation home here.

The camp leader Mr. Shankar from TN is an experienced IT guy, who took care of us very well and was very helpful and motivated the group the entire evening with multiple activities. The group had a lot of good conversations with him all evening and it was very insightful to have a chat with him over coffee.

With Camp Leader
With Camp Leader

The evening went on with an awesome activity of point and perform task. Monika did a wonderful job of hosting this event and at end with her awesome dance performance. Almost every one of us had a wonderful time in participating in this task. While some did singing, other did dance while others did ramp walk.

The cavemans ramp walk was way better than the professional models on TV 😉

Day 7:

It was the last day in the midst of nature and mountains. Today we had to go further down to almost ground level leaving behind all the mountains, forest and most importantly the snow-covered distant mighty mountains. With much disappointment, we started off in the morning as the ritual follows.

Half hour down walk, we came across this waterfall which was beautiful to look at and spend some time embracing its beauty and the power of gushing water running along in midst of the thick canopy.

Today, as it was the last day, i discussed with the group leader Mr. Sharma ji in requesting him to lead the group from ahead while i sweep. He cordially agreed and moved ahead. I stayed back at the last with Norbu and many others, by now i started enjoying: nature, terrain, smell of forest, sound of birds and wind passing through thick canopy, in every step i take. The feeling i had been ecstatic in itself.

When i reached the waterfall, most of the guys ahead started moving further, leaving few of us alot of space and time to enjoy ourselves here.

So what we do? Def. make use of the moment 😉

So far, faizan bhai was behind camera taking everyone’s pics and nature around. It was his time to showcase his modeling charisma. No wonder even Mamata didi is crazy 😉

Thanks goes to Surya for a nice pic

Enroute to sirikhola, we found a memorial built for Gorkha regiment soldiers who laid down their lives in the war.

Around noon for lunch we reached Sirikhola village, where food was pre-organized at a hotel by YHAI. The food was fantastic and tasty. A lone women was running this hotel. She was alone in preparing and filling the food into big vessels for us. Instead, few of us jumped in to help her in carrying the vessels for the dinning area and distributing food for everyone.

After spending around 1.5 hours here, we started off again towards our next camp Rimbick. From now on, it’s no more muddy terrain or forest path. it’s all man-made roads. It did not feel any trek at all. Almost all group members felt sad and even frustrated to walk on this path. Though the trek was boring or sad over road, yet for some, it became more romantic and lovable 😉

Romantic walk with misty cold weather around and splendid greenery all around
Romantic walk with misty cold weather around and splendid greenery all around

Govt. is slowly planning to extend this road till sandakphu. Then it wont be any trek at all. Till then trekkers can enjoy this precious paradise. Enroute we saw few locals celebrating the christmas carols in front of each house in their village. While somesh joined the celebrations and danced along, we enjoyed watching the cute ladies sing.

Everyone slowly walked on this road till we reached the camp by evening. A lady camp leader welcomed us at this camp. Though the time was very less for us to interact with her, but she as well helped us. We were served with tea and samosa, so that we could rejuvenate ourselves from the cold and walking tiredness. 

Followed by briefing about the camp activities as per timetable. Later on we were left to ourselves wander around till 7PM for the DJ session and introduction followed by dinner. So the whole group broken into their own small groups of choice and decided to wander around the local village and do some shopping.

Me and the guys went to a local small hotel in tasting the local cuisine. The food was tasty here.

Then we found a YAK milk made stick material which the local used as a beetle nut to chew all day. We did tasted a bit. It was nice though.

Further inquiry, revealed the information about local drink: Tongba, i decided to get a taste of it. So few of us went in search of this drink, we finally found at a small hotel and it tasted damn good.

Based on further inquiry with the hotel owner about this: The bamboo tumblers are used for aesthetic affects and they do not add any value to the drink. The white round thing in the above pic is the natural home-made chemical(as they call) and is used to prepare the malt/grains which is the main ingredients for this drink. Here the malt is poured into the bamboo and a very hot water is poured into. It is kept as it is for around 10-15 mins. We had ordered for 2 different malt grains to try out. Both were really good and we enjoyed the drink at alot and it’s quite cheap too 😉 Each fill of grain can go upto 4-5 times of reuse before the taste is lost.

By the time we finished this and returned back, the music session by Norbu and the introduction session was already over and i directly joined for the DJ event.

Followed by the dinner event, few people straight away went to bed, while many of us gathered in a hall to chit chat till midnight listening to prity’s hilarious chipkali, milkman, paperboy, security guard, etc. stories. We laughed away till midnight like crazy.

Day 8:

Next day, finishing breakfast, our jeeps were ready to pick us up and off we went on a 4 hours journey back to base camp dargeeling. Around 11AM we reached dargeeling and 1 common room each were given to males and females to unpack and refresh. As we had our next plan to visit Sikkim, we had booked a taxi from Dargeeling to sikkim, while many others had different plans of staying another day back in dargeeling, while others immediately left to NJP, etc. We got ready, unpacked and packed and completed all the protocols at base camp by 12PM. Our taxi had arrived. While everyone were busy unpacking-packing, we bid adieu to each of those with lot of memories to cherish for a long time ahead.

Thanks and hats off to each and every group member for their support, joy, care and enthusiasm in creating a wonderful memories and experience to remember life long.

Finally some candid/funny/special/caught in act moments of members, of whom i could find..

No offence meant, its purely for fun.

Click on image to ZOOM

Thanks for reading 🙂 Please leave your valuable feedback in comments.

More pics :

Videologue from Faizan:


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