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    1. Hi,
      In your case you can build up an msi installer via Visual studio itself or other wise you a Install sheild to build up an installer having all your assemblies which are deployable. Hope this is what your looking for.
      Feel free to post your queries at stackoverflow or here.

  1. Hello Zenwalker πŸ™‚

    I found your blog very interesting. We use C# and .NET to develop our ClearCase add-ons.
    Do you want to try our ClearCase add-ons and write a short review about them? We have ueseful add-ons for developers:
    Visual Annotate – annotating tool that helps you drill down into code and find out who changed the code, when, where, impact analysis, embedded diff and more
    R&D Reporter – reporting tool for UCM – compare streams and baselines and get a legible report, fully automated.
    ClearEnv – setting up complex work environment for ClearCase UCM

    If the approval of Siemens IT department is necessary, please let me know how to contact them.


    Noa Hirsh, GoMidjets

    1. Thanks for reading and liking my blog post. Sorry i am not officially allowed to share information about contacts, but what i can help is with this http://www.siemens.com/answers/in/en/ and navigate to Contact tab. There you might more information.

      I really would like to work with your addons, but at work i am not allowed to unless IT folks approve. At home i do not have clear case nor such a huge source code base. So do let me know if there are ways to test your software at home?

      Thanks and hope you promote my blog.
      Zen πŸ™‚

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