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Delegates similarity in Ruby and csharp

Dear Reader, It’s quite amazing to me today that when i was reading Delegates concept in Ruby. The Syntax, and working(execution style) is almost similar i can say. I guess this is one of those situations you might say for yourself AHA! I am very well versed and used many times delegates in C# and… Continue reading Delegates similarity in Ruby and csharp

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Safe guarding from NoMethodError exception in Ruby

Dear Reader, We all know that Ruby is dynamic language where in calling a method on a type or perhaps object in ruby is not known or figured out until run time. So assume that if your writing your class and if some one else is accessing your class and tries to call some method… Continue reading Safe guarding from NoMethodError exception in Ruby

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Crazy Ctor Concept in Ruby Part 2

Dear Reader, This is an extension to my old post about ctor concept in Ruby where in i talked about how Ctor concept has been implemented in Ruby and it’s quite different from other languages at least in C# because i know that language well. Further to my findings on this by reading other books… Continue reading Crazy Ctor Concept in Ruby Part 2

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Crazy Ctor concept in Ruby [TIP]

Dear Reader, In ruby as we know, the ctor like concept is actually called initializers. Hence there is no really a constructor in ruby (perhaps i have not found even after googling for hours so far). So to initialize all your local class data in ruby, you have to do some thing like this: class… Continue reading Crazy Ctor concept in Ruby [TIP]

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Ruby Symbols Performance Analysis

Dear Reader, Today i was again skimming through the symbols in ruby and its advantage and then i began to see under which scenarios these folks claim its much better than the traditional way. So i started to write some small code chunks to test the performance on my laptop having i7 with 4 gigs… Continue reading Ruby Symbols Performance Analysis

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Ruby’s Interpolation and its performance

Hi Reader, In this article i shall be discussing on interpolation feature in ruby and performance measure on it. Basically i wanted to do this and googled in searching for any existing evidence by other folks. I didn’t find much blogs/articles on that. But only could find 1 thread on stackoverflow regarding the performance measurement.… Continue reading Ruby’s Interpolation and its performance