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GOA: Dream trip come true!

The background story goes like 4 years back, where in i had been waiting and planning to visit the exotic place GOA. Every time a plan is made, some or the other reasons the folks used to back out or some other problems. Yes it took 4 years for this damn plan to get executed.… Continue reading GOA: Dream trip come true!

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Decision matrix implementation in C#

Dear Reader, Yesterday i faced a problem where the combinations possibilities were many and i had to implement code for this problem. Obvious solution is to implement If – else ladder. But i absolute hate this solution because the combination were around 5C3. The combination data was about behavior aspect of a scenario. Next solution… Continue reading Decision matrix implementation in C#

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Talkad Road Trip – 24 Nov 2013

I do know this roadtrip is nothing different compared to rest of the road trips already done by many of you. I just wanted to give an update over the road conditions along with the pics. Any ways, i took the Bangalore – Maddur – malavalli road for the onward journey. The road between mysore… Continue reading Talkad Road Trip – 24 Nov 2013

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Lepakshi Drive: Nov 2013

I do not have much to say about this long drive except that we took 2 different routes for the journey and the total drive was fun for me. The nature, roads, cold breezy wind in that hot weather was a bliss for Grande cursing 😉 Roads: For onward journey we chose Yelahanka -> Dobbalapur… Continue reading Lepakshi Drive: Nov 2013

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Dudhsagar Trekking : Oct 2013

Dear Reader, A word of caution: This was a total unprepared and unplanned trekking, yet it was fun. Traveling/Transportation: We booked Rani Chennamma Exp. train from Bangalore to Londa Junction. Some folks suggested that this train would go directly to Castle Rock station. Unfortunately its untrue at least on a weekend day. We did inquire… Continue reading Dudhsagar Trekking : Oct 2013


Linux: gdm (XServer) Crash with error dgm_slave_xioerror_handler

Dear Reader, Recently upgrading XServer, GDM with many other packages, suddenly launching gthumb started to crash the XServer. Resulting me to pop back into login window. This happen all the time consistently. At first i thought it was the problem with Gthumb application itself. Tracing back the upgrade log, i did not find itself getting… Continue reading Linux: gdm (XServer) Crash with error dgm_slave_xioerror_handler


My Car Buying learning’s

Dear All, Below is the learning’s, which i wish to write about coz they helped me in making sure my booking, buying, delivery process went smooth and nothing oh shit moments. Hope it will help future buyers. Of course the SA was really helpful to me here. These are my personal learning’s based on my… Continue reading My Car Buying learning’s