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First GitHubNg app – Beginner Part 1 – AngularJS

Welcome to my first AngularJS learning module, wherein, i have done some, not so perfect, beginner application which lists the Github users and their corresponding profile details with repositories owned, extended to list the contributors too. Some of my salient learning points to note about AngularJS: ng-app, ng-controller => directives are the most basic directives… Continue reading First GitHubNg app – Beginner Part 1 – AngularJS

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Copy files from latest modified folders – Batch script

Hello Reader, Part of a tool making process, i had a sub task, where i need to copy certain files from a few (in this case 3 in numbers) directories from recently modified directories (date-time descending sort) onto another path where again a latest single directory needs to be searched, under which the predefined files… Continue reading Copy files from latest modified folders – Batch script


Bluetooth (ObexFTP) file transfer timeout on Linux

Dear Reader, Lately i have been experiencing a weird issue on my Linux box of Zenwalk 7.8. I am using blueman app here to transfer the files. Strange part was, i was able to send files to my linux box (Laptop) from my mobile device, but not the other way around. This always irked me… Continue reading Bluetooth (ObexFTP) file transfer timeout on Linux

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Xiaomi Redmi File transferring with Linux.

Explained in simple steps: 1. You need ADB (Android Bridge) tools. Just paste this in your terminal as SU bash <(curl…/nexus…/master/ 2. The nexus tool downloads and install appropriate version of ADB for your Linux box. Wait few minutes. 3. As SU, execute => adb start-server 4. Enable USB debugging on ur RedMe and… Continue reading Xiaomi Redmi File transferring with Linux.


Cheese fails to load

Hello, Today on my linux box i tried shooting Cheese app after many days. Apparently to my surprise it failed to load couple of times. Immediately launching the same app via Terminal shows me that it cant load shared library libcogl. The error shows like below: cannot open shared object file: No such file… Continue reading Cheese fails to load

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Zenwalk 7.2 is a bliss

Dear Reader, Today i am very happy to write about the upgrade i did on my laptop last night. As always, upgrading my boxes to the new version is an exciting thing to me. Not just because its super easy, it’s because the new things i am going to experience about it and the post… Continue reading Zenwalk 7.2 is a bliss

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Better if feature wise subclassing

Dear Reader, I am working on a legacy code base which not only is quite challenging but troublesome as well, sometimes shit, sometimes pleasant, all in all its a roller coaster ride for me. So lately i picked up a task of implementing a feature where in had to provide a functionality of Import and… Continue reading Better if feature wise subclassing