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Good_Results = Testing as Experimenting;

Dear Reader, This is one of the learning activity i went through recently which i would like to share. Lately i am kinda doing testing as part of team effort so that task can be finished off soon and well with in the time line. Any way, so this module which was tested earlier was… Continue reading Good_Results = Testing as Experimenting;

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Word power – Mishap when failed to notice

Dear Reader, This is about the incident i faced with one of my colleague today wherein a word which was not noticed properly impacted in judging me completely different. Normally I read technical books (Mostly C#, Unit testing, Refactoring, Design patterns, etc.) while i travel to office in the bus. As usual today i started… Continue reading Word power – Mishap when failed to notice

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Refactoring: Enums with ExtensionMethods

Dear Reader, Today i had to do some unit testing of a class which had some private instance and static methods along with non privates in it. These methods had some good core logic in it which i determined to do unit testing. Though many articles and experts say that its ok not to do… Continue reading Refactoring: Enums with ExtensionMethods